“Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”
Chapter Five, Part One

By: “Vivian Lee, PhD”

This one was a real chore to get through. At thirty-three pages (Illuminati alert!), it’s the longest chapter thus far and so dense with bullshit that I’ve decided to split it up in to two pieces. This is another one that originally started as an article on the rancid “Veteran’s Today”. It’s two years old at this point, but Lee claims that the content is “still as valid as ever”. Let’s see if there’s any truth to that. Spoiler: there isn’t.

“Gene Rosen Fox News live interview of December 18, 2012, now known to have been filmed in front of a green screen, with the ‘everyone must check in’ sign inserted in the background.” pg. 57

Known by who? How? Lee’s only source is a YouTube video. Believe it or not, they had the nerve to charge $20 for this book at one point, but couldn’t be bothered to explain the contents of a video to their readers. And if they can’t, then why should I bother?

But I will ask this: why is this something that would even need to be faked? Gene Rosen lives literally next door to the fire house, which is where the sign was stationed. If they wanted it in the shot, he would only need to walk about of his front door. So why put forth the time and effort to insert it digitally? Also, if the presence of this sign is evidence of a drill, then wouldn’t you want to avoid all traces of it?

We can prove that the sign didn’t show up until the 15th, so what good would it have even been in an alleged drill that took place the day before? From my chapter four debunk, here is a photograph we know was taken the morning after the shooting (after Fetzer tried to pull a fast one on us). Note that there is no trace of the “check in” sign.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the Sandy Hook case is full of inconsistencies, but they insult everyone’s intelligence with tripe like this. And I don’t want to tell Fetzer and Lee how to fleece their readers write their book, but a great addition to this chapter would have been a similar sign at a known, verifiable drill. Assuming they could have found one, but I’ve already demonstrated their research skills are pretty sub par, if not entirely absent.

“The final report does not even include the names, ages, or sex of the alleged shooting victims. There was no actual identification of any of the dead.” pg. 58

This is only true of the minor victims, for what I would have assumed are very obvious reasons. But adult victims are identified. If you need proof, simply download CFS_1200704597.zip from the final report and open up file 00030920.pdf. Again, the pages featuring minors are redacted, but information about the adult victims is found on pages 14, 16, 17, 39, 40, 42, 71, 72, 75, 108, 110, 112, 113, 115, 117, 118, 119, and 133. That’s 18 pages worth of material that Lee says does not exist, and that’s only one document:

If you’re ever confused as to why something in the final report is redacted, simply look at the numbers on the redacted page and consult the redaction index online. There are a number of wholly legitimate reasons given, including state and federal law (like US Constitution Amendment 14 or Connecticut Constitution Article 1 Section 8b).

State police did release a full list of child as well as adult victims to the public, with their dates of birth as well as sex, the very next day:

“This pattern of deceit extended to the Newtown Clerk’s secret arrangements with the state legislature to avoid releasing death certificates to the public, attempts to withhold the 911 calls, and gag orders that were imposed on those responsible for tearing down the school building itself.”
pg. 59

One man’s deceit is another man’s privacy, I guess. But this is still mostly bullshit. Death certificates are available to literally anyone with $20 and a stamp, including scumbags like Vivian Lee and James Fetzer (who, as far as I know, have not ordered any for themselves). If you’re interested, you can obtain the necessary information from Newtown’s website.

The 911 calls are also public and available as exhibit 439 in the final report. They’re also all over YouTube, though I think it’s best to get them straight from the source so that you’re not privy to any Fetzer-esque trickery. Like victim names, this is even more material Lee falsely claims (in print!) is not available.

As for the crew hired to demolish Sandy Hook, yes, they did indeed sign NDAs. This was done to prevent anyone from selling photographs or even pieces of the building. There’s an incredible market for macabre stuff like this and an unscrupulous worker could certainly profit off of this tragedy, if so inclined. I think the repulsive actions of Sandy Hook deniers have shown this to be an incredibly wise move.

Sandy Hook ‘truther’ caught in Virginia with signs stolen from playgrounds built for Newtown victims

Florida professor taunts Sandy Hook parents and accuses them of faking kids’ massacre for money

Man accused of harassing Sandy Hook staff over shooting ‘fabrication’ faces judge

Brooklyn man yelled that Newtown massacre never happened to family of slain Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher Victoria Soto

Besides, if they were able to pay off so many people – pretty much an entire town – to keep quiet, which is what this book claims, then why not just extend that offer to these contractors? You could get them to say whatever you’d like. You could have them tell the press it was the saddest, bloodiest thing that they’ve ever seen.

“No photographic evidence or video footage was released to confirm the official story that these 28 persons actually died.” pg. 60

This material exists and rightfully remains in the sole possession of the authorities. According to Connecticut state law:

“Any record created by a law enforcement agency or other federal, state, or municipal governmental agency consisting of a photograph, film, video or digital or other visual image depicting the victim of a homicide, to the extent that such record could reasonably be expected to constitute an unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of the victim or the victim’s surviving family members.”

So what Lee is asking for here is against the law.

“No video surveillance footage shows anything—not even Adam shooting out the front plate-glass window or walking through the halls like Rambo, even though the school had supposedly updated its security system at the start of the 2012–2013 academic year.” pg. 60

The updated security system was not installed in 2012, as Lee claims; it was installed in 2006 (fiscal year 2007). So she’s only off by six years.

Lee’s source for this claim is a Hartford Courant article from the evening of the shooting, December 14th, 2012, and nowhere does it says when the system was actually installed. But with a little digging (something Lee is unwilling to do), we can easily trace it to 2006, based on Newtown’s Building & Site Improvements of the Superintendent of Schools Annual Report for fiscal year 2007.

On page ten of the report, you’ll see line items for the installation of “front entry security” at Hawley, Sandy Hook, and Head O’Meadow schools. Newtown Schools Superintendent Dr. Evan Pitkoff talks about the new system (sadly prompted by similar school shootings) in this Newtown Bee article from October, 2006:

“As of today [October 3], all of our elementary schools have a buzzer system to gain entry into the building,” Dr Pitkoff added.

The security system itself worked as intended, which is why Adam Lanza was forced to shoot out the front windows in order to gain entry. The system never included video recording capability, which is why there’s no surveillance footage. The fact of the matter is that Newtown never saw the need for it in their elementary schools. But just as other school shootings prompted Newtown to install a front entry security system at Sandy Hook after fifty-six years without one, I’m sure that the tragedy at Sandy Hook has prompted a number of schools to install video monitoring and recording systems.

“The best the authorities could come up with was a heavily redacted ‘final report’ (December 2013) that includes numerous photos of the inside of the school, with a few dings identified as bullet holes, several bullets and casings on the floor” pg. 60

From my chapter one debunk, here are the pages from Walkley’s scene photos (available as part of the final report) that show the following:

Bullets and bullet casings: 103-110, 113-117, 119-125, 433-443, 447, 465-466, 469-471, 473, 481-482, 484-485, 488-489, 495, 499, 502-504, 644, 680, 713, 721, 735-737, 739-743
Bullet holes and bullet damage: 54-61, 404-431, 448-454, 513, 622-624, 626-630

That is certainly more than “a few dings” and “several bullets”. And that’s just one set of scene photos. Even more bullets, casings, and “dings” (aka holes) can be seen in Meehan’s parking lot photos (pages 51, 62, 81, 100, 118, etc).

Besides, if this were a staged crime scene, it would have taken little-to-zero effort to toss a large number of bullets and empty casings around. Certainly the police have access to plenty of them, right?

“Compounding the situation, the parents were not allowed to view their children’s bodies to identify them. Instead, they were reportedly shown photographs of the deceased.” pg. 61

This one’s actually true, so congratulations all around. This information comes directly from the medical examiner (who is only trustworthy in this situation, I guess): parents initially identified their children using crime scene photographs, due to the extremely grisly nature of their injuries. Some children were shot multiple times, most through the head, so this seems totally reasonable and understandable to a fairly normal adult like myself.

I’m also not sure how this is evidence of a drill. If it were, and the parents were in on the charade (as Fetzer, et al claim), then why didn’t they just say that the parents identified the bodies in person?

“Remarkably, the state has done its best to avoid releasing the death certificates and even recordings of the 911 calls. Death certificates were eventually ‘released’ but not to the public or those who might want to investigate the case further” pg. 61

Aaand we’re right back to the bullshit. Again, this is absolutely, positively false. Any self-proclaimed “researcher” with $20 to their name can order any death certificate they wish from the town of Newtown, including those of Adam Lanza and his victims. Have Vivian Lee and James Fetzer ever done this? They never give any indication that they have done. Some researchers, right?

“One Sandy Hook researcher decided to call Lt. Paul Vance to ask who cleaned up the blood, which would have been considered a bio-hazard, and got the reply, ‘What blood?'” pg. 63

Let me guess: she didn’t record the call? Great sourcing here.

The final report says exactly who cleaned up the blood: Clean Harbors, Inc. They’re listed in Book 2, 198991.pdf. If you’re still not convinced, Sandy Hook Analysis has a copy of the invoice, though they’ve only chosen to post a piece of it:

“Outside Sandy Hook Elementary, tarps were laid out, but not even the black tarps for the dead were used, much less the red ones for those who needed immediate treatment”
pg. 64

Hilariously, Lee’s photographic example doesn’t even meet her own requirements. Where are the black tarps?

While it goes uncredited (much like every other picture in this book), what we’re looking at here is the aftermath of the 2008 Chatsworth train collision, where a freight train collided with a commuter train, head-on. Twenty-five people died and a whopping 135 were injured, which goes a long way in explaining why the scene may look a bit different than the one at Sandy Hook, where there were only four initial survivors (that’s 131 less, since I’m already doing the math for Fetzer and his army of contributors). Of those four, three of them – two children and one adult – were seriously injured and rushed to Danbury hospital, where the two children later died. The remaining victims were declared dead by EMS personnel in the school and later brought to the covered mortuary tent in the parking lot.

As for the use of red tarps, there were actually a handful of them, but Lee only shows you one of the two triage areas, hiding at least half of those tarps from her readers. While the primary triage area was located in the school parking lot, the secondary triage area was located at the fire house, as is standard procedure. But why didn’t Lee include a picture of it? Because the only victim not rushed to the hospital – kindergarten teacher Deborah Pisani – can clearly be seen there with her injured left leg wrapped up and elevated on a white folding chair:

This injury is explicitly confirmed at 10:17:07 of the radio call log:

10:17:07 “Gunshot wound to the left foot, need transport, but she’s conscious and alert.”

As well as her own statement to police (Book 5, 00258013.pdf):

My left foot was injured, and my shoe was removed. I think it was at the entrance to the parking lot. It is a Sketchers, size women’s 10, and from my left foot. My foot was the only part of me injured.

A Newtown police officer can even be seen assisting Deborah Pisani to the triage area on Officer Liam Seabrook’s dash cam footage:

This is corroborated by EMT and Newtown Ambulance volunteer Chelsea Fowler (Book 6, 00002134.pdf):

“The only person who was wounded was a teacher who was shot in the foot. I was talking her down to the treatment area when a group of students came running out of the school. One of the students yelled out to her to ask if she was ok, and she responded ‘I’m just fine, I only sprained my ankle!'”

“There were no first-hand accounts that proved anyone was killed or injured.” pg. 64

This is just laughable. A large number of first-hand accounts are included in the final report. Paramedics, police officers, parents… this is just total insanity. Absolute twaddle.

“No emergency vehicles were present at the school or even lined up in the fire lane for a rescue attempt—the parking lot was filled with parked cars, police cars and possibly media vehicles.” pg. 65

Lee is basing this off of photographs and footage taken well after the wounded had been transported to the hospital, minus Deborah Pisani, who was injured and remained at the fire house triage area (which Lee refuses to show you a picture of). Many of the ambulances who responded but were not needed (as most were dead) remained in the firehouse parking lot. You can see at least eight of them in this shot (as well as the secondary triage area and Deborah Pisani):

Some can be seen driving by the firehouse, later in that same footage:

“This protocol appears to have been followed at Sandy Hook, where many participants wore ID/identification badges on lanyards…” pg. 66

Lee doesn’t provide any examples, but the most common one passed around conspiracy theorist circles is of two nuns (or are they?? They are) wearing badges on lanyards:

It’s a badge for nearby St. Rose of Lima School, which is where these two nuns work. The nun on the right is Sr. Thaddeus Rajca, the school’s religious coordinator. She can be found on both the “Leadership” and as well as “Achievements & Accreditation” sections of the school’s website. Here she is posing with students, wearing a badge and a lanyard:

And here’s a closeup of her badge, taken from that photo:

Here’s another picture of Sr. Rajca, comforting the McDonnells. As corroborated by the image’s EXIF data, this photo was taken on December 14th, 2012, at 2:22PM:

Due to the size and resolution of the above photograph, we can actually get a pretty good look at the badge. Here it is, up close, and compared to the St. Rose of Lima School crest:

And compared to the badge we saw a little earlier:

Finally, here is Sr. Rajca at Newtown’s “The Ice Cream Shop”, again wearing her yellow St. Rose of Lima School badge and lanyard (circled in red). Note the presence of the crest:

“Water is available in quantity at the Firehouse” pg. 66

Oh shit, water? And in quantity? There were a lot of people there and they needed water so people brought water. It’s not like it’s very difficult to find. Here is someone (reportedly from the Ladies Auxiliary of Sandy Hook) dropping some off, captured on police dash cam footage as it arrived at around 12:21PM. Probably a little late for a drill, don’t you think?

Bottled water was also delivered to the emergency responders at Columbine, which James Fetzer believes (revealed during his Reddit AMA) was a real event and not a drill:

1:11 – 1:29 p.m. Command requests that the American Red Cross respond to the scene to assist both with victim’s families and with the food and rehydration needs of the emergency responders. Command receives bottled water from local retail stores for emergency responders.

Source: http://ispub.com/IJRDM/5/1/12573

Red Cross representatives are en route to scene. LFD acquires bottled water from local stores to hydrate on-scene personnel.

Source: https://www.usfa.fema.gov/downloads/pdf/publications/tr-128.pdf

Hey, maybe all of these things that are “standard” for a drill, according to Lee and Fetzer, are also standard for an actual emergency.

“An emergency preparedness drill took place on December 14, 2012 (9:00 am – 4:00 pm ET), in Bridgeport, CT, which is a 20 minute drive from Sandy Hook. The course, ‘Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters,’ was run by the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection/Emergency Management and Homeland Security.” pg. 67

Google says it’s a 28 minute drive, but who’s counting (certainly not anyone who contributed to this book). I hope Vivian Lee, PhD is not advocating speeding! Anyway, the rest of the claim partially true, which is pretty good for this book. But FEMA course IS-366 (now IS-366.A) is just that: a course, not a drill. Courses like this run every 2-3 weeks and do not involve crisis actors. They actually look like this:

Pretty boring, right? And just in case it the name was somehow too ambiguous for you, this course has absolutely nothing to do with shootings, bombings, etc; it’s solely focused on natural disasters. You can read the course overview for yourself. You can even take the entire course online, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

“And a FEMA Mass Casualty Drill, ‘Emergency Response for Mass Casualties Involving Children,’ was scheduled to take place on December 13 or 14, 2012 (location unspecified). The exercise was to target the following capabilities: Mass Prophylaxis, Mass Death of Children at a School by Firearms, Suicide or Apprehension of Unknown Shooter, Use of Media for Evaluation, and Use of Media for Information Distribution.31 This may have been the script for the Sandy Hook ‘shooting.” pg. 67

This part, on the other hand, is pure, uncut horseshit. There is no drill or course by that name offered by FEMA, which is probably why the book’s source for this is another conspiracy theorists blog and not the FEMA website, where all of their courses and a calendar of events can be found. Lee and Fetzer believe they’ve actually seen the “manual” for this non-existent drill, but they’re both idiots who have been swindled. Or regular ol’ liars. One or the other.

A couple of posters over at Metabunk have torn this stupid thing to shreds, thoroughly exposing it for the amateurish, laughable forgery that it is.

“In addition, tweets about the shooting began before it occurred, a tribute was apparently uploaded one month before the event, and web pages honoring the victims, including a Facebook page R.I.P. Victoria Soto, were established before they had ‘officially’ died” pg. 67

It looks like James Fetzer is not the only one who doesn’t understand the Internet; we can add Vivian Lee, PhD to that club.

“Tweets” and “a Facebook page” are about as specific as these claims get here, so those are the two I’ll address: When you create a Facebook page for an event or a person or whatever, you can change the name or subject as often as you’d like and the original “created” or “joined” date will stay the same. The Victoria Soto Facebook page was simply someone who had changed the name of their existing Facebook page as a tribute, leaving all other information – including the creation date – exactly the same. This is by design. I personally created a blank Facebook page back in 2013 (now the Crisis Actors Guild Facebook page) to illustrate this point. If you visit it, you’ll see that the timeline goes back three years, which is well before this site existed.

Lee doesn’t provide any examples of the other anomalies in the book, but it’s no secret that Google has inconsistent time-stamping when it comes to active websites. Feel free to Google it (just don’t trust the time-stamps).

And Twitter will often use Pacific Time for its timestamps, presumably because that’s where their servers are located, though I’m just speculating. Either way, it’s no coincidence that any seemingly prophetic tweets just so happen to be exactly three hours early, every time. It’s almost like the time is taken from another zone or something.

Here’s a screenshot I took of the Hartford Courant’s Twitter page last night at 10:54PM EST. A twenty-six second old tweet appears to have been posted at 7:54PM, or exactly three hours earlier. Full disclosure: parts of my browser, Twitter feed, and task bar will look a bit wonky due to the fact that I attempted to strip the shot of any potentially identifying information.

Lee even kind of understands that this is what’s going on, but only chooses to disclose the possibility in the footnotes for this chapter. “It is still unclear whether the time stamps on these early tweets reflect Eastern or Pacific Standard Time.” So it’s “unclear” to them, but they still printed it as fact anyway.

It’s interesting to me that these claims always arise after an event. If someone had noticed that the Hartford Courant was tweeting about a shooting at Sandy Hook three hours before Adam Lanza even showed up, that would certainly be suspicious. But that’s never the case; these things are only discovered in the days and hours afterwards.

As a hilarious side note to all of this, Alec Baldwin found himself in an ugly spat with a reporter after it was suggested Mrs. Baldwin had tweeted during James Gandolfini’s funeral. It turns out that the Baldwins were another victim of the infamous “Central Time” Twitter bug. A reporter for Network World found himself empathizing with the actor after he himself became another victim of the bug, long after it was believed to have been eradicated.

“An evidence collection team and a policeman are shown finding the shotgun in the trunk of Lanza’s Honda Civic— the policeman handles the gun without gloves and ejects the ammunition on the spot, destroying evidence in the process.” pg. 69

Total bullshit. Lee chooses a single grainy still from a poor-quality video and the still is taken at a time where the lighting makes it appear almost as if the officer may not be wearing gloves, although his hands still appear much lighter than his head. There are other moments in the video where you can tell that he absolutely is wearing white gloves.

“6. Adam Lanza cannot have done the shooting” pg. 70

Not really a claim, but a fucking doctor wrote this? And presumably someone proofread it?

“It should of course be noted that Adam Lanza was initially listed in the Social Security Death Index as having died on December 13, 2012, one day before the alleged shooting.” pg. 70.

The conspiracy theorist who found this bit of information found it through Genealogy Bank, which obtains its information from the Social Security Death Master File. In the “Mandatory Requirements” section of the SSDMF website, you’ll find the following disclaimer:

To all subscribers purchasing the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) Limited Access Death Master File (DMF):

As a result of a court case under the Freedom of Information Act, SSA is required to release its death information to the public. You, as a subscriber/purchaser of SSA’s Death Master File (DMF) are advised at the time of initial purchase that the DMF does have inaccuracies and SSA does not guarantee the accuracy of the DMF. SSA does not have a death record for all deceased persons. Therefore, the absence of a particular person on this file is not proof that the individual is alive. In addition, there is the possibility that incorrect records of death may have been entered on the DMF.

Errors: If an individual claims that SSA has incorrectly listed someone as deceased (or has incorrect dates/data) on the Limited Access Death Master File (DMF), the individual should contact his/her local social security office (with proof) to have the error corrected.

So the Social Security Administration is the first to admit that the information contained within their Death Master File may be wrong, which in this case it was. It’s since been corrected.

“Lanza was reportedly found dead wearing a bulletproof vest and military-style clothing.” pg. 70

No, Adam Lanza was not wearing a bulletproof vest. According to Lt. J. Paul Vance, “It was a fishing type vest, a jacket with a lot of pockets”. The final report confirms that it was an olive green Eddie Bauer vest, certainly not bulletproof.

Lanza was also wearing a black Old Navy polo (just because it has the word “Navy” in it doesn’t mean it’s military), layered over a black Hanes ComfortFit t-shirt; black Propper cargo pants (held up with a belt and suspenders); black, fingerless Toesox exercise gloves (standard issue, I presume); black Nunn Bush oxfords; and a black Flexfit fisherman’s hat (which conspiracy theorists falsely claimed was not available in 2012, going as far as to fabricate documents when things didn’t go their way). Outside of being all black, “military-style” is a bit of a stretch.

“As Mike Powers, a professional military investigator and ballistics expert, has observed, this young man of slight build could not have carried all these heavy, bulky weapons and ammunition on his person. Furthermore, since first responders were supposedly inside the school within seven minutes, there was not enough time for Lanza to have carried out the shooting as reported. In an interview with Joyce Riley, Powers states that Lanza could not have fired so many times continuously without destabilizing himself from the intense noise from the Bushmaster. As a novice, he could not have shot an AR–15 with such speed and accuracy, supposedly changing magazines 4–5 times without a stoppage. For a real person shooting an AR–15 and what it entails, see Redsilverj’s ‘Sandy Hook Hoax Ultimate Case Closed'” pg. 70

All those heavy, bulky weapons? You mean that one, seven pound assault rifle and those two, < 2.5 lbs pistols? Yeah, super heavy, super bulky.

The truth is Adam was carrying ~10.87 lbs worth of weapons and ~19.62 lbs worth of ammunition for a grand total of ~30.47 lbs. And even though he only needed to carry that weight around for somewhere between 5-10 minutes, it may still seem like a little much for a young man who only weighed 112 lbs, even one who was known to spend four to ten hours playing “Dance Dance Revolution” at a time. But that weight was very evenly distributed.

According to the final report, Adam carried four rifle and six pistol magazines in his vest pockets. That comes out to about ~8.75 lbs right there. His pants – which were held up with a belt and suspenders – carried four rifle and four pistol magazines, for a total of ~7.27 lbs, as well as his Sig Sauer (2.15 lbs). His Glock (~1.72 lbs) was holstered.

Also taking into consideration how little ground was physically covered during this incredibly short assault, it’s quite obvious that Adam would have had no problem with the amount of gear he was carrying.

As for “destabilizing himself” from the noise? I’m honestly not sure what means or what it’s based on, but Lanza was wearing earplugs.

“As a novice, he could not have shot an AR–15 with such speed and accuracy, supposedly changing magazines 4–5 times without a stoppage.” pg. 70

A “novice” by what metric? Adam’s mother, Nancy, was an experienced shooter who shared her hobby with her troubled son. The two of them “shot frequently” and can be placed at least three area shooting ranges, including one where they are known to have taken basic firearm safety classes four years before the events of Sandy Hook. The final report also includes information provided by an eyewitness who, at Nancy’s request, had given Adam (who started shooting at age four) some “pointers and tips” on how to shoot her AR-15:

Yes, Adam reloaded frequently, but he sometimes only fired 15 rounds out of a 30 round magazine.

“According to Lt. Vance on the night of the shooting, one victim survived. So in less than seven minutes—or less than five minutes according to the media—Lanza killed 26 people and then himself, producing only one injured victim.” pg. 71

I don’t know if that’s what Lt. Vance said because there’s no source for the quote, but it would be an odd thing for him to say because there were two injured survivors: teachers Deborah Pisani and Natalie Hammond. Pisani was injured by a ricocheting bullet, but I really can’t think of a reason why she should not be considered an injured survivor. Hammond suffered multiple, more serious injuries. Two children who were also seriously wounded in the attack were rushed to Danbury Hospital, where they later died.

Armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle, Adam shot his victims – most of which were five or six year-old children, trapped in a room and huddled together – multiple times. It’s not difficult to understand why most of his victims died instantly. The children from Lauren Rousseau’s class were literally found in a pile, in the small bathroom they were attempting to hide in.

“Mike Powers thinks the whole scenario is a physical impossibility. He is not even convinced that Adam Lanza was a real person.” pg. 71
“Oddly, considering the horrifying details of the alleged massacre, as well as Adam’s own suicide by shooting himself in the head with the Glock handgun, the 2013 final report photos show no obvious traces of blood or gore on Adam’s clothes, hat, gloves, or shoes” pg. 71

Lee once again uses deceptive photographs in a sad and desperate attempt to strengthen her phony narrative.
Out of the four tiny, grainy photos included here on page 71, three of them are from “Walkley – shooter’s clothing.pdf” while the picture of Adam’s FlexFit hat is taken from Walkley’s scene photos (which is why it’s only one taken against the carpet inside of Sandy Hook). Lee wonders why you can’t see any blood on these all black items of clothing, but ignores a large number of photographs in “Walkley – shooter’s clothing.pdf” that show exactly that.

Compare Lee’s choice of shoe photos with this one:

Notice anything different? Maybe a bunch of blood?

Or what about this picture of one of Adam’s gloves?

But why show that when you can show both of his gloves from a distance, ensuring no one with normal, human vision will be able to make anything out?

Now what about his pants?

Again, this looks a whole lot different from the photo Lee provided. Those aren’t dropped office supplies on those pants; they’re marking blood splatter.

Before we get to Adam’s shirt(s), let’s start with the state his body was found in. From the final report:

“In one classroom I noticed a young male laying on his right side in a fetal position. His body was about three feet in from the door to the left. Someone yelled out that he was the suspected shooter. It appeared that he had his hands cuffed behind his back. I noticed a large pool of blood spreading from the right side of the suspect’s head.”

Adam was laying on his right side. Now look at this photo of his black Hanes undershirt (which Lee did not include) and you should have no problem making out a considerable amount of dried blood, consistent with someone lying on their right side. It’s actually a pretty gory picture and is corroborated by “Supplemental Report: Exhibit #83: Shooter’s Clothing Processed”. On page 5, under “Black colored “Comfort Soft” t-shirt, size SP”, it reads:

This t-shirt was worn under polo-style shirt. There was an unknown physiological-type fluid on the right shoulder area of the shirt. A swabbing of the unknown physiological-type fluid on the right shoulder was tested using Phenolphthalein (Kastle-Meyer) blood presumptive test which yielded positive results.

The dried blood on the black Old Navy polo isn’t as prominent, but is still plenty noticeable:

It’s likely the FlexFit hat seen in Walkley’s scene photos would have been blown clean off of Adam’s head, but a closer inspection shows blood, hair, and even what appears to be brain matter on the top as well as the inside:

If there were any pictures of Adam’s vest in the final report, they’ve been redacted.

I’m skipping over the absurd and gross comments made about Robbie Parker.

Chapter five will be continued in Part Two.

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3) Yearbook requests. Like I told the fifty other folks asking for them: I don't have them, and even if I did, I wouldn't post them. I'm not about to turn my site into some sort of eBay for weirdos, so stop asking.
4) Requests for photos of dead children. See above. And then seek professional help, because you're fucked up.
5) Asking questions that have already been answered. If you want to have a discussion, don't make it obvious that you haven't read the site by asking a question that I've already spent a significant amount of time answering. I'll allow a little leeway here if you're otherwise well-behaved, but please, read the site. There's a search function and it works pretty well.

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