The claim that no one died at Sandy Hook School on December 14th, 2012, and that it was all just a “drill”, presents nearly endless logistical issues, most of which have been hand waved away by deniers. But one issue that they have attempted to tackle, albeit in their own special way, is: what happened to the twenty young victims? Where did they go? If they’re all still alive, why hasn’t anyone seen them in the nearly six years since the shooting? Well, many of these doofuses will happily tell you that we have, and at Super Bowl XLVII, of all places.

Less than two months removed from that terrible day in Newtown, an anonymous donor generously paid for twenty-five members of Sandy Hook School’s fourth grade choir to travel to New Orleans to perform “America the Beautiful” alongside Oscar and Academy Award winning performer Jennifer Hudson during the pre-game ceremonies. It was a touching moment… or at least it was for most normal, sane people. For delusional Sandy Hook deniers, it was proof positive that the victims were alive and well, brazenly trotted out in front of over 108 million American television viewers, plus the over 70,000 in attendance, as some sort of… plan… to… well, who the hell knows? That’s just another one of those sticky logistical issues, though it’s not even the most egregious, not by a long shot.

In addition to the fact that almost none of the choir members bear even a passing resemblance to the victims they are alleged to be, they also somehow aged three to four whole years (this being the fourth grade choir while the child victims were all in the first grade) in the seven weeks that passed between the shooting and the performance. This is of course totally inconceivable. So how on Earth do complete nutters like Wolfgang Halbig and Maria Chang explain this? By stating that all available photos and video of the twenty adolescent victims are actually three to four years older than we’ve been told, and that it’s also perfectly normal for children to drastically change appearance in that time. Of course. But what proof do deniers have of these outrageous claims? Absolutely none, of course, but their theory is dead in the water without making such incredible leaps. And while most people will immediately recognize it as a ludicrous and even offensive question, what evidence exists that these children were real people and that they were indeed only five or six years old – rather than eight or nine as they would need to be to perform at the the Super Bowl – at the time of their untimely death at the hands of Adam Lanza?  I mean besides nearly endless witness testimony, death certificates, SSDI entries, etc.? I’d say that there’s plenty, and it’s my goal here to not only provide high-quality photo comparisons so that anyone who understands even basic facial composition will immediately recognize that these are not the Sandy Hook victims performing at the Super Bowl, but to prove – at least to any reasonable human being – that it would be not just extremely unlikely but flat-out impossible that these are the same children.

But before we plug our noses, hold our breath, and swan dive right into this rubbish, let’s start with an extremely high resolution photo – something you’ll never see from deniers – of the entire Super Bowl choir, taken on February 3rd, 2013 at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. I’ve circled five children not at random, but because they were the most easily identifiable across all three reference photos of Sandy Hook’s 2012-2013 fourth grade choir that I will be using in this entry:

The remaining two photos capture the very same event – a fourth grade concert which took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 12th, 2012 – but come from different sources. The first was printed in the December 21st, 2012 edition of The Newtown Bee…

“Sandy Hook School’s Fourth Grade Winter Concert was held on Thursday, December 13, but before the big event, fourth grade students also performed their Winter Concert for their fellow students during a school assembly on Wednesday, December 12, under the guidance of music teacher Maryrose Kristopik.”

While the second photo of the December 12th assembly comes from Dawn Hochsprung’s Twitter feed:

“Sandy Hook students enjoy the rehearsal for our 4th grade winter concert – a talented group led by Maryrose Kristopik!”

By locating and highlighting these same five children across all three photographs, we see that at least some of the choir members seen performing with Jennifer Hudson in New Orleans are demonstrably the very same children that had been performing with the choir for months, both in front of their schoolmates on December 12th, 2012 as well as for those that attended the SHES 4th Grade Winter Concert on the evening of December 13th, 2012. Admittedly this alone isn’t bombshell evidence of anything – and it isn’t meant to be – though it does further solidify the fact that not only was the school open and functional well into late 2012, but that the photos available on both Dawn Hochsprung’s Twitter as well on The Newtown Bee’s website are accurately timestamped, and not from years earlier, as is often claimed.

Sandy Hook deniers, in images and videos spammed across the Internet ad nauseam, have asserted that these five highlighted children are actually the following Sandy Hook Elementary School students:

1) Anna Mattioli
2) Jessica Rekos
3) Olivia Engel
4) Jack Pinto
5) Daniel Barden
6) Avielle Richman

Of that bunch, the only choir member they were successful in identifying is Anna Mattioli, who is the older sister of victim James Mattioli. However, in doing so, they’ve taken tremendous strides in debunking their own gobbledygook…

Take a look at the following photo of James and Anna:Although we’re seeing it from behind, the lone candle on the cake – which reads “Happy Birthday James” – is in the unmistakable shape of a 6, placing this photo on or very close to James’ sixth birthday, which would have been on March 22nd, 2012. Remember that the absurd Super Bowl claim hangs on the idea that the victims of Sandy Hook were actually nine years-old at the time of their reported deaths in 2012, and not six. But if that were true, then this photo would have to have been taken in March of 2009, and all it takes is one look at Anna to realize that couldn’t possibly be. No sane person who has ever spent any time around an actual child would compare Anna’s appearance here, at her brother’s sixth birthday party, to her appearance at Super Bowl XLVII and believe that three whole years (as opposed to eleven months) had passed:

Deniers have doubled-down on this embarrassing blunder by also successfully identifying Nate Wheeler, the older brother of six year-old victim Benjamin Wheeler. This is especially puzzling because they also somehow believe that a now nine year-old Ben performed right alongside him, as seen in the following image:

Like the Mattioli siblings, Nate is about three years older than Ben, which is something that is rather apparent in photos of the two boys together:
However, according to denier lore, Ben Wheeler miraculously caught up to his older brother in age as well as size just in time to join the fourth grade choir and perform on one of the largest stages in the world:

Surely this would constitute some sort of record growth spurt, right? But what may be even more incredible than that is the fact that this Ben Wheeler (who is in reality definitely not Ben Wheeler) no longer even looks like himself, while his brother is plainly still the same child. Compare the Benjamin Wheeler alleged to have performed at the Super Bowl to three publicly-available photos of the real Benjamin Wheeler:

Another pair of siblings alleged to have performed together at the Super Bowl are six year-old victim Caroline Previdi and her older brother, Walker:

Similar to the Mattioli and Wheeler siblings, Walker is also roughly three years older than his sister. Here are a couple of photos of them together, demonstrating an obvious difference in age and development:

Yet we’re asked to believe that somehow, in February of 2013, at Super Bowl XLVII, the Previdi siblings are now magically the same age, with Caroline having aged three whole years while Walker barely looks a day older than he does in the above photos:

Shockingly, conspiracy theorists have thus far failed to explain these obvious disruptions to the space time continuum. And it’s only one of many.

If Caroline Previdi was actually nine years old at the time of the Super Bowl, then any photos of her as a six year-old would have had to have been taken sometime between September 2009 and September 2010. But if that were the case, how did an obviously five year-old Caroline manage to find herself in a photo with a newspaper reporting on an incident that didn’t take place until December of 2011?

If the conspiracy theorists are right – and let’s never forget that they are not – then she would have been eight years old at the time of this photo. It’s poppycock.

Of course this isn’t the only evidence we have that Caroline Previdi was six years old at the time of her death.

During the summer of 2011, Newtown’s C.H. Booth Library hosted weekly craft programs for children aged 4-9. As reported in the August 5th, 2011 edition of the Newtown Bee, Caroline – five years-old at the time and only one month away from her final birthday – was in attendance for the second-to-last event of the year:

“Ellie Boni, left, and Caroline Previdi created Mardi Gras masks during the library’s Crafts Around the World program on Monday, August 1.”

The above photo’s Exif data shows that it was taken on August 1st, 2011.

Here is another photo of Caroline, posing with her friend and classmate, Catherine Hubbard, in the now familiar and ever-changing lobby of Sandy Hook Elementary:

Notice the dry erase board in the back shows the date as Wednesday, June 20th, 2012. This was graduation day for the school’s Kindergarten students, and we can see a diploma/certificate rolled up in Catherine’s right hand. A very similar diploma/certificate can be seen in this photo of Charlotte and Joel Bacon, taken the very same day:

Note the date, location, and caption of the photo.

Of course Charlotte Bacon is another girl alleged to have performed at the Super Bowl as a fourth grader (a little more on that later), yet we have proof of all three girls graduating from Kindergarten at Sandy Hook Elementary School in June of 2012.

Here’s one last photo of Caroline Previdi (back row, second from the left), and it’s her Kindergarten class photo, taken during the 2011-2012 school year:Along with a number of other victims alleged to have performed at the Super Bowl as nine year olds in February of 2013, we can see Noah Pozner seated on the right. Noah is wearing a red “Ready 4 Games” shirt by Nintendo, which was trademarked and sold in 2011:

That means that this class photo, which features what is unmistakably a group of five year-old Kindergarten students, could not have been taken at any point prior to 2011. Yet again, this preposterous theory cannot work unless these children were 7-8 years old at the time that this photo was taken.

While she is not alleged to have performed at the Super Bowl (and it is never quite explained why this luxury was only extended to some of the children), the above class photo also features a five year-old Catherine Hubbard. For further proof that Catherine was in fact six years old at the time of her death, we turn to The Newtown Bee’s “Bee Lines”, a reoccurring, weekly feature in which reporters ask Newtown residents, including schoolchildren, some fairly mundane questions. “Bee Lines” (which we’ll see again shortly) caught up with Catherine and her mother in April of 2012, and asked them what they think makes people turn out to vote:

“Newtown Bee: What do you think makes people turn out to vote? Jenny Hubbard and Catherine Hubbard, right: The issues.”

The photo’s Exif data confirms the photo was taken on April 24th, 2012.

Taken just a couple of weeks later, this photo shows Catherine and her mother at a Sandy Hook school function. The date on the whiteboard behind them indicates it is May 9th, 2012:

Catherine would also celebrate her final birthday less than one month later.

Some of the more deranged and dangerous members of the Sandy Hook cult (such as nearly sixty year-old Tony Mead of Absolute Best Moving in Florida) have focused their attention on one member of the fourth grade choir in particular, harassing the pre-teen girl and her family, insisting that she is actually murdered first-grader Avielle Richman, now alleged to be living under a new name. Again, this is in spite of a a three year age difference as well as a great many differences in physical appearance. But these lunatics march on, unabated, steadfastly maintaining their position that all photos of Avielle are actually three years older than claimed. This is total bullshit of course, and can be proven as such with a single photo, showing a five year-old Avielle with her parents around Christmas of 2011:
That is plainly not a nine year-old girl, but how do we know that this photo was taken in 2011? Simple: The Williams-Sonoma “The Cookbook For Kids” shown on the floor, which we can reasonably assume was given to Avielle as a Christmas gift, was not released until February of 2011:

That makes it an extremely unlikely gift for Christmas of 2010 (unless they were celebrating six weeks late), and sadly, young Avielle did not live to see Christmas of 2012. That means that this picture could only be from Christmas of 2011, or less than a year before the shooting. Of course that won’t be enough for some people, and they’ll claim that the book was “Photoshopped” in, while providing zero proof of such an accusation.

Not that there’s any evidence they’ll ever accept, but surely they’ll have a tougher time ignoring the physical differences between the two girls.

Human ears – like fingerprints – are unique, and are still used as a means of forensic identification to this day. And while two people may have very similar features (not even identical twins look 100% alike), if the ears do not match, then they cannot possibly be the same people; you do not have to waste your time by looking any further. And if you know what you’re looking at, then there can be no question that Avielle’s ears (left) are markedly different from those of the girl in the choir (right, and whose name you will not see here as I have no intention of enabling these psychos):

This is not a 100% perfect view, but it is absolutely good enough for a solid comparison. Now, for reference, let’s take a look at the anatomy of the outer ear:

As we can see, the ear on the left – which belongs to Avielle Richman – is much less prominent (closer to the head) than the one on the right. The ear on the right also has a much rounder antihelix, and the shape as well as size of the earlobe – or lobule – is very different. Those are the most obvious, most striking differences, though I’m sure that you can more. These are unmistakably different ears and therefore they belong to different children. No reasonable argument can be made to the contrary.

While the demonstration above is more than enough to dismiss this one outright, we can also compare the eyes of these two girls and (again) see that there are again a number of major differences:

First and foremost, while the photo of Avielle (top) is a bit more washed out, these eyes don’t even appear to be the same color. Furthermore, Avielle’s eyes are almond-shaped, whereas the eyes on the bottom are downturned. The difference here is not subtle. There’s also a much more prominent crease in the lid of the eyes on the bottom. Lastly, the face on the bottom also has wider-set eyes, different brows, and freckles (which Avielle does not have). I’m sure those who stand by this claim will say that they were tattooed on later, because nothing is too outrageous for these nitwits.

And while I’m confident in my analysis and ultimately my conclusion, I wanted an expert opinion, so I reached out to to Joelle Steele, anthropometrist/biometricist, and author of “Face To Face: Analysis and Comparison of Facial Features to Authenticate Identities of People in Photographs”. In addition to literally writing the book on the subject of identifying people through photographs, Joelle offers a paid facial analysis service through her website, which is something I thought I could take advantage of.

When I initially contacted Joelle, I introduced myself as a blogger who spent a lot of time researching the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. I wasn’t sure if she was aware that the shooting was the subject of a number of conspiracy theories (most people aren’t), so I explained the situation, and the Super Bowl angle in particular. And while I felt it was important that I tell Joelle where I stood on the subject, I also told her that I wanted her honest, unbiased opinion, and that I was more than happy to pay her up front for it. Joelle wrote back and said that she was willing to do the work, but would need at least three high-quality photographs of each subject so that she can enlarge them for analysis, as is her standard procedure. In return, I sent over six of the absolute best, publicly-available photographs that I could find – three of each girl – for her approval. Shortly thereafter, Joelle wrote back. This is her reply, in its entirety:


From: Face Comparisons
Subject: RE: Hi, Joelle. Some questions…

This is a real no-brainer. I don’t even have to measure anything to tell you these are not the same girl. I can see at a glance how far off they are in terms of appearance. And age has nothing to do with this comparison at all. The face lengthens and teeth can change with age, but those are irrelevant in this comparison. Here’s what I immediately see:

Ears don’t match in shape, pattern, and placement on head.
Jaws don’t match, most evident in smiling views.
Chins don’t match and don’t look alike either.
Eyes don’t match in orbits and lids.
Pupil distance proportions don’t match.
Forehead proportions don’t match.
Nose length and width proportions don’t match.
Brow ridges don’t match.

With the exception of the ears, these are all based on the bones, the infrastructure of the face. If they don’t match, it’s not the same person. Period. And I would rule out a match based on ears alone, but the overwhelming number of non-matches back that up.

Pretty damning stuff, I think.

Next up is Olivia Engel. In addition to Catherine Hubbard, The Newtown Bee’s “Bee Lines” spoke to little Olivia twice, first in November of 2010:

“Newtown Bee: With Thanksgiving coming up, what are you thankful for? Olivia Engel: My blanket.”

The Exif data for this photograph, published in the November 19th, 2010 edition of the paper, shows that it was taken on November 12th, 2010. This means that Olivia would have been four years-old at the time this photo was taken, and not only does she look like a four year-old, but it’s clear that she is being photographed in her preschool classroom. But the batshit idea that Olivia was actually in the fourth grade in 2012 would require you to believe that you’re looking at a seven year-old here, and that is very clearly not the case.

That same month, the Engels participated in their annual family photoshoot, which took place at the Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club in Westport, CT. Out of respect for the photographer’s work, I will not republish it here. Instead, I will direct you to this blog entry on his site (which has archived here, in case it goes down), which was published on November 13th, 2010. And as you look through these photos, please keep in mind that if conspiracy kooks such as Wolfgang Halbig, et al., are to believed, and the Sandy Hook victims were actually fourth graders aged between 8-9 years old when they performed at the Super Bowl, then Olivia would be somewhere around 7-8 when they were taken. But no one in their right mind would ever believe this. Furthermore, most of these photos also include Olivia’s younger brother, Brayden. And if Olivia was seven years old at the time of this photoshoot, then Brayden, who was three years younger than his sister, would have been four years old. How many four year olds do you know that can’t walk? Or that actually look a whole lot more like two year olds?

Of course conspiracy theorists will say that the date has been fudged, and that these photos were taken much earlier than November of 2010. However, in the fourth photo from the top, you can see a 2011 registration sticker on the boat on the right:

Doubters can also purchase these photos from the photographer and check the Exif data for themselves. They won’t, but they can.

A little over a year after the photoshoot at the yacht club, “Bee Lines” spoke to Olivia for a second time, in December of 2011:


While there’s no caption included for this photograph, the Exif data shows that it was taken on December 6th, 2011. That would make Olivia five years-old in this photo, which again appears to be entirely accurate. But those pushing the fantastical Super Bowl theory would prefer you believe that this picture shows a seven or maybe eight year-old girl. They would also really love for you to believe that, a little over a year later, she became the girl on the left (for comparison, an actual picture of Olivia from 2012 is included on the right):

Here’s one that I really can’t wrap my head around as it manages to contradict an entirely different claim made by these same goofs; one that also appears in the pages of James Fetzer’s fetid book.

Those who subscribe to this Super Bowl malarkey want you to believe that this is victim Emilie Parker as she appeared on February 3rd, 2013:

However, on pages 78-79 of “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”, “Dr. Vivian Lee” heavily implies that it was actually Emilie, and not her four year-old sister, Madeline, who met with President Obama on December 16th, 2012, just seven weeks before the Super Bowl:

This claim is more explicitly made on page 108, by some numbnuts named Paul Preston, who doesn’t even seem to know the names of the victims he’s desecrating:

“And I’ve see a lot of the pictures and so on, and some of the pictures don’t match up, especially the one of the Parkers in the White House. And it looks like to me that’s Sarah Parker sitting there that’s, you know, supposed to be a victim.” pg. 108

Sarah Parker? How in the world does anyone ever take these boobs seriously?

So if this is actually an undersized Emilie Parker shown meeting with Obama, and the same Emilie Parker performed at the Super Bowl less than two months later (again, both claims made within the pages of “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”), how do James Fetzer, “Dr. Vivian Lee”, Paul Preston, and the rest of the Sandy Hook denier camp square the two events?

  • Did a very small six year-old Emilie Parker meet with Barack Obama in December of 2012, but then age three years within seven weeks in order to perform along the Sandy Hook fourth grade choir at Super Bowl XLVII?
  • Did Barack Obama dye his hair grey and pose for photos with a very small six year-old Emilie Parker (as well as a very small four year-old Madeline Parker) back in 2009 in order to sit on the photo for three years?
  • Or did Barack Obama dye his hair grey and pose for photos with a four year-old Emilie Parker and her two year-old sister Madeline all the way back in 2007 – two years before becoming President – so that, should he win the election, they could then use the photo in 2012?

I’d honestly love to know the answer to this one.

Moving on, take a look at this photo of Daniel Barden with his sister and mother on 96th Street in Stone Harbor, New Jersey:

Note the boarded-up windows behind them, specifically those in front of Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy (with the green apron) which have been spray painted with “No Candy 4 Irene”. This is in reference to Hurricane Irene, which Stone Harbor would have been preparing for back in late August, 2011, making Daniel five years-old at the time of this photo. And he certainly looks five years-old. But again, for this nonsense theory to work, Daniel would instead have to be somewhere around eight years old here, as this picture was taken a year and a half before the Super Bowl. Now take a good look at the above photo and ask yourself how in the world that child, in just eighteen months time, could look like this:

Of course those are just some of the children who have been subjected to this hogwash. While I was unable to find the same breadth of material seen above for all of them, there are enough high quality photographs available online to at least do some quick side-by-side comparisons for the remaining victims:

Here’s Jessica Rekos on the right (just in case it wasn’t obvious), as well as the choir member alleged to be her on the left:
Come on! They don’t look anything alike! They don’t even appear to have the same eye color!

Here’s a child who is definitely not Jack Pinto compared to the actual Jack Pinto. These are two more children who honestly couldn’t look any less alike; just take a quick glance at their ears. And then literally everything else:

Not Chase Kowalski and the real Chase Kowalski. Look at the nose, the chin, the upper lip, and the distance between the eyes:

A girl who is not Allison Wyatt and Allison Wyatt:

Just because this girl is wearing glasses doesn’t mean that she’s Josephine Gay, a child who suffered from Autism, global apraxia, and apraxia of speech, which would make her a very unlikely candidate to perform at one of the largest sporting events in the world:

A young lady who is not Charlotte Bacon and the actual Charlotte Bacon (who, as we saw earlier, was photographed graduating kindergarten on June 20th, 2012):

Someone who is not Madeline Hsu and Madeline Hsu:

No disrespect to the boy on the left as he’s just a kid and he’s likely had to deal with some real-life harassment from the denier cult, but just look at those teeth. How broken does your brain need to be in order to believe that this is the same child?

Additionally, here’s a photo of a five year-old Jesse Lewis attending the 2011 Veterans Day breakfast with his grandfather, Bob Comfort:

Originally published by the Newtown Bee, not only does the photo’s Exif data confirm that it was taken on November 11th, 2011, but the Highlights “Puzzles & Games” 2012 wall calendar seen in the display case behind them would not have been sold at any other time. However, for Jesse to have appeared at the Super Bowl as a nine year-old fourth grade student, he would have been eight years old here.

Finally, here’s a young woman who is not and Grace McDonnell. There is a world of difference here in facial shape alone:

2 Thoughts on “Did Any Of The Children Killed At Sandy Hook Appear At Super Bowl XLVII?

  1. Hi Shill. I’ve skimmed what you’ve written about the Sandy Hook tragedy. I’m a scholar of mass casualty event triage. You refer to the triage that was done on scene, sourcing a “Book 6,” which I assume is part of an after-action report. I want to know more about the triage that occurred. Can you email me a full reference with pages that will open (I have gotten some “404 not founds”)?

    • Shill Murray on September 28, 2018 at 7:10 pm said:

      Hi, Dave. I’m not sure which links you followed that resulted in 404s, but if you can remember and let me know, I’ll make sure I update them. I try and get ahead of any busted links when and where I can.

      As for “Book 6”, that’s included in Connecticut’s reports on the shooting, available here: (I just tested that link and it works fine). Book 6 can be found in CFS 1200704559. It’s a rather large (720MB) download, but it includes 740 files.

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