While I power through “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” Chapter 5 (and it’s a real chore), I figured I’d bury another stupid theory I saw on Reddit’s conspiracy sub. This one has to do with the San Bernardino shootings that took place on December 2nd, 2015. Here’s the original post, in its entirety, spelling and grammatical (as well as geographical) errors intact:

So the San Bernardino alleged shooters have multicolor Christmas lights in their backyard

My old college roommate lives next to the alleged shooters house in San Bernardino at 53 S Center St, Redlands, CA 92373 . Check out a still form the video:

She was able to film some of the crime scene, and went between the town house units and on a hill she was able to see into the suspect’s small backyard. It was decorated with multicolor Christmas lights.

When my friend asked the police if they noticed the Christmas lights they said “nah, we never even filmed in the back”. So basically they were just camped out front to get those shots they needed, and not digging too deep into the back.

Does this seem weird to anyone else out there? Check it out for yourself before they take it down. There is also the odd chance that someone went in and is trolling, and hung up the lights, but I doubt this is the case, considering it’s all a pretty serious issue.

The implication here being that if the San Bernardino shooters had Christmas lights in their backyard, then there’s no way they’re the evil Muslim murderers the authorities and mainstream media are claiming they are. Because Christmas lights! For Christmas! False flag, confirmed!

The problem is that this isn’t their townhouse; it’s their immediate neighbor’s. The user starts things off by giving the wrong address. The San Bernardino shooters did not live at 53 South Center Street in Redlands, CA; they lived at 53 North Center Street in Redlands, CA. It may seem like a minor quibble, but if you lived at 53 South Center Street and ordered a pizza to 53 North Center Street, someone else would be eating your fucking pizza.

The shooters’ townhouse is just one in a block of four. Looking at the front of the townhouses from the street, theirs is the 3rd from the left. Behind this block of townhouses are detached garages which touch one another. You can see the four townhouses as well as the garages in this aerial shot from KTLA:

Since we’re looking at the townhouses from the back, the shooters’ townhouse would be the second one from the left. You can see their screen door has been kicked out and a cop can be seen just outside of their open garage. Note their condition of their backyard: not all that nice. Mostly dirt, actually. Also notice the fences separating each yard: the fence separating the shooters’ yard from their immediate neighbor on the right is just a plain, wooden fence, while the one that separates their neighbors to the right is covered in ivy or something similar. I’ve marked that area with a red arrow in the photograph below. The purple star marks the approximate location of the videographer:

Revisiting the original photo (minus some unnecessary bits that I’ve cropped out), we can see that the “Christmas lights” are actually in their neighbor’s (to the right in the picture above) yard. I’ve labeled the ivy fence as well as placed a red arrow over the shooters’ garage door and a yellow arrow over their other neighbor’s (to the left in the picture above) garage door; that way you see all four garage doors in the shot and it’s even more clear which door and which yard belonged to the shooters:

For further confirmation, here’s the view of 53 North Center Street from Google Earth. I’ve included the purple star to mark the videographer’s location. Again, make note of where they are in the block of four townhouses as well as the state of their yard:

One Thought on “Did The San Bernardino Shooters Have Christmas Lights In Their Backyard?

  1. Schminkles on May 25, 2016 at 8:11 am said:

    Jesus (Isa) is actually a pretty big deal in Islam, and pops up in a lot of Eastern religions.

    Here in the UK, where Christmas is almost entirely secular, there are plenty of Muslims who’ll take time out to honour their Prophet Isa who, like I said, is one of the most important Muslim prophets. What could celebrate his birthday better than a festive meal with family, and some time off work!

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