Or “James Fetzer And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Ask Me Anything”

For the uninitiated, Reddit is a user-driven content aggregator, broken up into what is referred to as “subreddits”. These subreddits are organized by area of interest and truly run the gamut, covering news, politics, culture, and absolutely everything in between. Seriously, there are thousands of them. And based on the number of total subscribers, the conspiracy subreddit is currently ranked the 108th most popular on the site (nestled comfortably between the NBA and anime). Sandy Hook denial is unfortunately yet predictably a popular subject there, so even a clueless doofus like James Fetzer manages to receive regular praise (as well as occasional scorn as conspiracy theorists love to eat their own almost as much as they love conspiracies).

While it struggled to find an audience, the “conspiracyAMA” – or conspiracy “ask me anything” – subreddit was created as a way to take the incredibly popular “ask me anything” format regularly utilized by celebrities and other public figures looking to interact with Reddit’s enormous userbase and make it a safe space for conspiracy folk. And while it ultimately paled in comparison to its inspiration, it did play host to one of the most disastrous AMAs I’ve seen this side of Woody Harrelson. The guest of honor was – you guessed it – bloated clown James Fetzer, there to take full advantage of the fifteen minutes allotted to him by his then-recent Amazon ban.

I really recommend that you mark out some time and attempt to read this beast in its entirety (it eventually grew to 371 comments before running out of steam) as it’s pretty amazing, but I’m going to touch on some of my favorite moments, full of Fetzer’s baldfaced lies, furious backpedaling, and even his predictably asinine thoughts on other topics (but especially Jews). All answers are given by James Fetzer, transcribed by the moderator. It may not mean much to you if you’re unfamiliar with the site, but it’s worth noting that Fetzer’s answers were rated so poorly by the audience that many of them are hidden from view. That’s how badly things went for poor James… in his own AMA! But don’t feel too bad for the guy; he seems to think it went swimmingly. Seriously! Just look at this Facebook post!

James Lies About His Own Claims

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”
– Albert Einstein

Q: “You claim one of the reasons it was taken before the shooting (despite the fact that the sun is obviously setting) is because the flag is not yet at half-mast. What proof do you have that the flag was lowered at any point on the 14th? This nighttime photo shows the flag is still up on the evening of the 14th. The earliest the flag can be seen at half-mast is in this photo, taken on either the 16th or the 17th, due to the visible rain on the ground. There was no rain on either the 14th or 15th, according to archival weather records.”

A: “The point of that photo is that the swat team is already there, you can see the 4 windows in the classrooms that are undamaged. they would have been damaged after the fact. this has nothing to do with the flag at half mast. The second window from the left would have been severely damaged. We have drilled holes to simulate shots… there’s no debate about this. It doesnt hinge upon the flag pole at all.

But as was pointed out to him, Fetzer mentions the flag multiple times on his own website in articles he alone authored. Here are four such instances, all screencapped from Fetzer’s site (rather than copied and pasted), just in case he decides to edit them out at some point:





Here he is repeating the claim yet again while fruitlessly attempting to defend one of fellow numbskull Allan Powell’s nearly endless gaffes:

You can even hear the claim come directly out of ol’ Jimmy’s mouth… on his own podcast! Here’s episode #135 of “The Real Deal”. Listen to what he says at around 4:10 of the following video:

“There is a row of four windows in classroom ten that are unbroken, Sully. After the alleged shooting, they’d be seriously damaged. The flag is at full staff…

The position of the flag even gets a mention in the book that he’s using this AMA to promote! On page 13, Fetzer writes:

Notice that the windows of Classroom 10 are not shot out and the flag is up.

James Lies About The Reason Amazon Pulled His Book

Q: “Did Amazon pull your book “Nobody died at Sandy Hook” because of copyright infringements?”

A: “NO! NO! NO! let me explain this: book was published 22 october 2015, taken down on the 19th of November. They have failed to produce to me any evidence of their violations. I called them and they couldn’t say why they did it. Unbelievable. It got pulled because it exposes the government as a sham!”

So this garbage, copyright-trampling nonsense was pulled because it “exposes the government as a sham”? If that were true (and it’s not), then what does that say for his roughly twenty other conspiracy books still on sale on Amazon?

James Makes Up Even More Lies About His Book

Q: “Thank you for your work and especially your book about Sandy Hook. We need more courageous people to question the authorities official reports on these types of events and to expose the motives for staging them. What reasoning did Amazon give for the controversial ban of your book and what or who do you think they were afraid of? Have you received any other backlash or threats because of your work? What would you say to people who are afraid to use their talents to expose the establishment?”

A: “Jay Hardee, Senior VP of amazon, probably alerted the Obama Admin. I was contacted by intelligence community, by Inside Edition, i was digitally transferred to a basement op in langley. They asked me about all my evidence, i documented this all in my blog, debunking sandy hook debunking # 4 , they wanted to find out if i was flappable, and if i had the books. That was a day before the book was banned. After that, amazon banned my book. Hmmmm”

James Claims (Nearly) Everything Is Fake

Q: “Has there been any nationally-reported mass or spree shooting in the last five years you didn’t feel was a hoax? If so, what evidence did they have supporting them that Sandy Hook doesn’t have? Do you accept that sometimes social outcasts go crazy and start murdering innocent people for no reason?”

A: “You’d have to have real bodies, real ems personnel, real guns, real shooters. San Bernadino and the oregon shooting, those are hoaxes. The virginia television reporter shooting was completely fake. Columbine and Virginia Tech were real shootings. The ones i’ve investigated are fraudulent.” [ed: How convenient!]

It’s certainly telling that Fetzer believes the Virginia Tech shooting to be entirely legitimate when it exhibits many of the same “smoking guns” as Sandy Hook. For example, Virginia’s UCR data for 2007 as published on the FBI’s website is similarly missing some very notable information: there are zero murders listed for the city of Blacksburg (which is where Virginia Tech is located):

James Thinks Everyone Is Fake

Q: “First off, major props to you Dr. Fetzer, for your courage to speak the truth, no matter what. I know you have written many, many articles on Sandy Hook and it’s frankly more than I have time to read. Would you be willing to start us off with say a 500 word summary of what happened? A few specific questions: 1) Did Adam Lanza ever exist or was he a fabrication? 2) Were some of the ‘victims’ fabrications? 3) Do you believe the kids singing at the Super Bowl are the Sandy Hook kids?

A: “1) He appears to be a fabrication. There was an article in the MSM about how Adam Lanza didn’t exist. They had to furnish his home to sell it. There are no personal items, or anything there that would indicate he was living there. This whole thing is an elaborate hoax. It was all staged. Download the book for free, it takes zero effort.2) Not some. ALL OF THEM. Katelyn Roy [ed: It’s Kaitlin Roig, for the record. Some researcher] claimed to be a teacher, claimed to have crammed 15 children into a 3×5 bathroom and pulled a bookcase to block the door. What bathroom 3×5 has a bookcase? Complete rubbish.3) Thats a good question, others have done more research than i have. Wolfgang believes that none of them ever existed. Some believe the singers were some of the purportedly dead.”

James Is (Surprise!) Kind Of An Anti-Semite

Q: “The debate over 9/11 and Sandy Hook have been over for a long time as far as them being a conspiracy. Do you think its time to make a push for indictments on the issues? Since TPTB are pushing full speed ahead to WWIII. A war we cannot win conventionally. It does not take a scholar to figure out the next step. Finally have you seen the Farsight Institute Remote Viewing session for 9/11? If so what is your take on that? And would you like to see them do one for Sandy Hook ?”

A: “The problem is theres a lockdown on legal avenues in New York. The judicial system is corrupt, these are typically jewish judges that don’t want israeli influence to be known. The best we can do is try to get the truth out to the people. THat’s all we can do to get the american people informed so they can do the right thing. No i havent seen it, im a skeptic. I am also a skeptic on time travel. You wont get alot from me on that. sorry”

Okay, So James Is Definitely An Anti-Semite

Q: “I’m concerned about Dr James Tracy. The shit media reports the Pozners’ claim that he was harassing them. I doubt the veracity of that claim on the surface, but I would like to know a little more about it. Was there any harassment? If he is fired from his post at FAU (I suppose it’s still pending at this point), is there some way we can usher in a Streisand Effect, to catapult knowledge of the hoax to the eyes of We The People?”

A: “ITs very interesting that the threattto remove him has led to articles by the jewish journal forward. The show “Today” did a really brief post where a reporter went up the Tracy’s door, and he told them to goto my book, “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”. We’ve had a series of questions today predicated upon the fact that it was real. IT WAS NOT REAL. In the case of the pozners, ive spoken about the fake certificate. It raises presumtpions he did not die. It also says he died in pakistan later on. It raises important questions on what Lenny Pozner is saying. Tracy was simply making a request if they could make their bonafides in regards to Pozner, and he was right to do so. The american people have been scammed. Its a phony, a fraud. Pozner wants to try to attack Tracy to protect themselves and the fraud. Tracy was just doing his job as a teacher and as an explorer for the truth.”

James Backpedals As Fast As His Fat Little Sausage Legs Allow Him (Bonus: More Anti-Semitism)

Q: “Originally you wrote an article titled ‘Did Mossad death squads slaughter American children at Sandy Hook?‘ And then you published a book titled ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’. What made you switch from your usual narrative of ‘The Jews Did This’ to ‘Nobody Did This’? Did you get tired of blaming everything on a Jewish conspiracy?”

A: “Where did you even come up with the conclusion of this official narrative? It’s A LIE. It’s preposterous. I wrote: ‘it appeared it might have been a hit by mossad’ but as we got into it, we realized that it never even happened. Israelis kill palestinian children for fun, as a contest between each other, so i’m not sorry for raising that question, because i wouldn’t put it forth. This user sounds like he’s projecting. This might be true of him, it’s not true of me.”

James Doubles Down On The Anti-Semitism, Dusts Off Holocaust Denial

Q: “What is your stance on the holocaust/nazis? Any experience with any psychedelics/hallucinogenics? In your opinion, what is the connection between “The Nine” and the JFK assassination? (If any) Whom do you most respect and admire, and why? Dr. Fetzer, your body of work is absolutely inspirational; you’re one of very few heroes remaining on this planet. Thanks a ton for reaching out to the community.”

A: “The nazis were bad guys. They killed alot of people. But the official narrative of the holocaust regarding zyklon b is patently false. 6 million? I doubt 6 million jews were even there, 600,000 at the best estimate. Thomas Dalton, PHD Nick Colestrom, PHD .. and myself have already studied and spoke about this on great length. According the red cross, and their death estimates, with the revised estimate, they said 297,000 jews died from all causes. Which is far removed from 6 million. None of them died by zyklon B gassing, their bodies would have been pink. Zyklon B is similar to cyanide. There was actually delousing. There were labor camps that need bodies. They would have no reason to exterminate them. There was even a british soccer team at auschwitz. We’ve been fed a whole lot of BS to promote the zionist state of Israel. Read my book for more info”

James Just Starts Making Shit Up (AKA The “Synthetic Community”)

Q: “Can you explain the houses bought by the sandy hook families prior to the event.”

A: “This is peculiar. We have an appendix made my nick colerstrom, wherre you can read that the transfers were made in 2009. Very very peculiar. they were bringing these families in to create a synthetic community. This was many years in the planning. Appendix B, in my book whioch you can download for free.”

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