“Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”
Appendix B
By: Nick Kollerstrom

I’m not sure why these six pages are included as a second appendix rather than another chapter, but bizarre choices such as this are the least of this book’s problems.

Kollerstrom didn’t have a whole lot of success in his previous outing, completely whiffing on just about every goofy claim that drizzled out of his fingertips, so let’s see if he fares any better here. It’s unlikely he can do much worse, so there’s that.

“Seven out of the twenty families were Jewish and the data suggests that they seem to have played some key role.” pg. 239

Ohh. I’ve clearly spoken too soon. Well, we already know that James Fetzer is a Holocaust denier as well as anti-Semite, and it looks like he has some excellent company in Nick Kollerstrom.

“The FBI’s year-summary of crimes had no murders registered in Newtown over that period.” pg. 239


“Nor have any birth certificates, death certificates or coroner’s inquests been to-date produced for the twenty alleged children who died [Editor’s note: apart from the fake death certificate discussed in Chapter 11.]” pg. 239

Here is more of that bulletproof denier logic: “If I haven’t seen it, then it doesn’t exist. But if it does happen to cross my desk at some point, then it’s fake”. This was of course how James Fetzer responded to the release of Noah Pozner’s death certificate, and I covered his bogus criticisms here, in Chapter Eleven.

The death certificates of all twenty-six victims (as well as Adam Lanza and his mother) can be ordered, from Newtown, by anyone. That includes vultures like James Fetzer, who has never given any indication whatsoever that despite only costing $20 a piece, he has never taken any of the money that he’s raised online or brought in from the sale of this book and purchased even a single one of them. Shit, this book has so many contributors that they all could have just chipped in a few bucks each and bought the whole lot of them. The American newspaper industry is as broke as broke can be, but the folks at The New York Post still figured out how to make it happen. They report:

All but two of the 26 students and staffers killed in the Sandy Hook school massacre died from “multiple gunshot wounds,” according to death certificates obtained by The Post today.

And they didn’t even write an entire book about the subject!

Now I’m not going to say much about the following quote other than it may be the absolute worst sentence I’ve encountered in this book thus far:

“Therefore their status, as to whether they really lived, remains unclear. Without wishing to prejudge the issue, we shall here allude to them as ‘SHUC’, Sandy Hook Undead Children.” pg. 239

Fuuuccckkk yooouuu.

“The SSDI Social Security Death Index is closely linked to the database of ancestry.com, and is widely regarded as a reliable guide to who really lived and died in America. It based upon a unique account number owned by each US citizen; plus in addition, parents may apply for their child’s SSDI for tax-deduction purposes, so that young children may also have them. All twenty of the SHUC had been given SSDIs, and these recorded their deaths on 14December, 2012, whereas that for Adam Lanza, their alleged killer, was for 13 December 2012. Did the killer die the day before his victims?” pg. 239

So let’s get this straight: the SSDI is “regarded as a reliable source to who really lived and died in America”, and Nick Kollerstrom (unlike “Dr. Eowyn” aka Maria Hsia Chang) recognizes the fact that the SSDI recorded the deaths of all twenty child victims on December 14thth, 2012… but he still believes them to be “undead”? Consistency is the key, right? And if you can’t be consistent, then I guess you’re left being a contributor to this wretched book. I think that’s how that saying goes.

All claims regarding the SSDI are covered here, in Chapter Nine.

“It seems to be a place where storied and mundane history somehow overlap. In the year 2000, a film, ’The Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre’, had a deranged killer strike in the aftermath of a hurricane.” pg. 240

I covered this one last time, but “Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre” takes place in Sandy Hook, New Jersey:

“The Hollywood blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises had an area on the Gotham City Map (used in the viral marketing campaign, and in the movie) changed to Sandy Hook. A Mr. Scott Getzinger was the prop master who did this, and he lived in the Sandy Hook school district; his widowed wife still does. He was killed in April 2012 in a car accident in which first responders noted his injuries were ‘not life threatening’. He died in the hospital later that night. His widow is public in her belief that he was murdered.” pg. 240

It’s funny how readily Kollerstrom accepts the idea that Getzinger is actually deceased. Has he seen his death certificate? What about pictures of the wreckage? Isn’t it suspicious that there is no CCTV footage of the crash? There are reports that the young girl who caused the crash may have been texting at the time and her urine tested positive for THC, so how do we know that the accident wasn’t faked to further an anti-texting, anti-marijuana agenda?

I understand that may come across as flippant to some people, but I’m really just trying to make a point. And I would honestly hate to come across as callous when speaking about Mr. Getzinger’s grieving wife, Susan, but it’s important to provide some much needed context to some of her statements regarding her husband’s death, which took place in April of 2012. Kollerstrom obviously wants his readers to come to the conclusion that Susan Getzinger believes her husband was murdered due at least in part to the Sandy Hook shooting. Why a prop master would be privy to this level of top-secret information is a mystery to me, as is why Scott Getzinger would be silenced (via a car accident involving a teenager, and we know how rare those are) while Tim Beckley (director and star of “Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre”) and Suzanne Collins (author of “The Hunger Games” series, who is also implicated by Kollerstrom) escape unharmed. Logistical concerns aside, here’s what Susan Getzinger actually said, at the bipartisan task force public hearing on “Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety” in January of 2013:

Umm, what weak weapon laws help kill people through a lack of deterrents. This is a weapon. [holds up cell phone]

We have very weak texting laws in Connecticut. My husband was killed in a car accident on the Merrit Parkway on Good Friday. This might have been part of the crime. It’s under investigation. You have to look at this weapon as well as any other weapons you look at, and I think you all have them, and I think they’re not regulated, and I think they’re more dangerous than the number of gun deaths because car accidents top that.

I did a quick search on deaths by car accidents vs gun deaths in the US and the numbers surprised me. It appears that gun deaths are projected to catch up to deaths by car accidents by 2015.

My love of my life. The best man, obviously a big man in many ways. My children are without. There are 3 kids in the Newtown school system that were in lockdown, including a 4 year old pre-k, who do not get services in this, in this district because I discovered after 3 1/2 years of complete hell that ended the night before he was killed, biblical stuff, folks, pay attention.

He was killed. The night after I had a hearing in this high school, in a room down the hall, exposing the alleged corruption in your Connecticut Department of Ed, Legal Affairs Division and Special Ed Division and the top administrators in this school district.

So Mrs. Getzinger fully recognizes that her husband died in a car accident that may have been caused by a distracted driver, though she refers to him being “killed” throughout her (often rambling) speech. I don’t think she believes that the Newtown school district sent a nineteen year-old girl to crash into him the night after she “exposed” their “alleged corruption”. She also clearly does not believe that the Sandy Hook shooting was fraudulent as she makes a couple of references to it in her speech. For example:

No child left behind? All children are getting left behind and 20 kids and adults. And you know what? Adam Lanza was the first victim because he probably had medical problems and the attorneys sealed the records.

Again, I really don’t want to come across as callous, but much of the rest of her speech is a bit unhinged. She mentions “Ghandi” as well as the movie “The Sting” and makes a number of popcorn-related analogies (seriously) while discussing mercury in vaccines:

Peanuts and popcorn. Peanuts, popcorn. My son can’t eat them. You know why? Cuz the undisclosed adjuvants and ingredients in vaccines that my own pediatrician didn’t know on Sept 27th of this year, I had to tell him what they were. Adjuvant 65-4 is peanut oil. How many kids do you know are allergic to peanuts today, hmm? They cross react with nuts and the mercury gets in the brains.

The boys have 2 “X” chromosomes. They can’t flush it out of their system. Check the hair, it’ll tell you if the mercury’s getting out. Most boys can’t get it out. You know what that leads to? Learning disabilities, dyslexia, mental health problems. Then, instead of taking care of them and giving them services, we drug ‘em with psychotropic drugs…let the kernels…popcorn, remember?

Kernels pop. Virginia Tech, Newtown those are only the first kernels. We got one fourth of them in schools on psychotropic drugs. These are children. They shouldn’t be on this. They shouldn’t be on this at all.

Check all the conflicts of interest, the disclosures on all the people who have stock in big pharma. Thank you very much.

Ghandi, school choice, peanuts and popcorn, crap in the vaccines and the popcorn are the kids in the microwave, they’re about to pop, they’re all on drugs.

“Fifty days after the event at Sandy Hook, ten of the SHUC were observed singing happily in the Sandy Hook Choir at a Superbowl conference–with Beyoncé! They are  identifiable–but curiously they were some years older.” pg. 240

It was Jennifer Hudson who sang “America The Beautiful” with the Sandy Hook Choir, not Beyoncé. Beyoncé performed in the half-time show, without the choir. Not all black women are Beyoncé, Nick.

“They are identifiable–but curiously they were some years older. From this students have inferred that the images of the ten six to sevenyear-old children put out as having died at Sandy Hook, had actually been taken some years earlier. The table below gives data on these ten SHUC families: the official birthdates are given, but these would seem to be impossible in view of their more mature appearance at the Superbowl.” pg. 240

So maybe the much more reasonable conclusion to draw here then is that these are not the children who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“Important research on this topic has been done by Dr. Eowyn, who traced each of the twenty SSDI records and these include the states in which they were issued as ‘State of Issue.’ Only four out of the ten SHUC who sang ‘after-death’ at the Superbowl had their SSDIs issued by the State of Connecticut (of which Newtown is a part). SSDIs are issued by the state in which the individual was born, not where he or she died.” pg. 241

In all seriousness, what the fuck does any of this have to do with anything?

“There is evidence of false identity. Sandy Hook appears to have been a virtual-reality event, which set up huge revenue streams of income for certain Newtown residents. Thus ‘Avielle Rose Richman’, for example, seems to have been Lenie Urbina, whose parents Curtis and Richmond Urbina are both directly associated with the Newtown area synagogue. They seem to have loaned their daughter—or at least a picture of her—for this event: the alleged-parents Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel were thereby able to establish the ‘Avielle Foundation’ and its smart website on 14 December 2012, the very day of the ‘shooting.’ This aimed to raise $5m in the first year.” pg. 242

The idea that The Avielle Foundation was founded on December 14th, 2012 is not true, and it is common enough that I spun it out into its own post, which you can read here.

“Another mystery of the Sandy Hook story—which has a tendency to be ignored because it is so strange—is that most of these families acquired their properties on Christmas Day 2009, apparently for free (i.e., the recorded price for these transactions was zero dollars).” pg. 243

Just because someone says something is a “mystery”, that doesn’t make it a so. As Penny Mudgett, CCMAII of Newtown’s Assessor’s Office, has stated:

The date of 12/25/2009 is just a software conversion date, it is a non useable date.

If you need further explanation, Keith Johnson published an excellent write-up over on Sandy Hook Stalkers. Keith did a great job with his research and it would be absolutely pointless for me to attempt to summarize it when you can easily get it straight from the source (which I highly recommend). I will say that while Keith did not speak with Penny Mudgett, he received an almost identical answer from a different employee (the same one that had the extreme pleasure of dealing with Dr. Eowyn aka Maria Hsia Chang while she was conducting her fraudulent “research”):

So what’s the meaning of this “strange sale date (12/25/2009) and price ($0)”?

The only place we find it is on the VGS website. In an effort to ascertain why that is, I called the Newtown Assessor’s Office. As luck would have it, administrative assistant Andrea Santillo answered the phone.

Ms. Santillo told me that in 2009, the Newtown Assessor’s Office (not the entire Newtown city government as Dr. Eowyn claims) “converted” from one data-base vendor, Totalvaluation (which has since changed its name to eQuality CAMA), to Vision Government Solutions (VGS).

One of the problems with the conversion, she said, was that the information in the former data-base did not “translate” into the new format. Because of this, information had to be inserted manually.

Due to the large volume of properties in Newtown, they were only able to input partial information—owner’s name and corresponding book/page numbers—into the “ownership history” block.

Ms. Santillo said that the date of 12/25/2009 was chosen deliberately for the sale date field because it was a “non-working day” and could easily be identified as a default entry, as was the $0 amount in the “sale price” field because, as Ms. Santillo explains it: “You can’t sell something for $0. That goes against the very definition of the word ‘sale.””

5 Thoughts on “Fact Checking “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”, Appendix B

  1. Kyle Delong on October 24, 2017 at 11:08 pm said:

    If you’re serious about convincing anyone about any claim that your are making, you must provide a link to each “factual” claim. I’m only interested in facts and truth.

    • Shill Murray on October 24, 2017 at 11:41 pm said:

      If you’re serious about convincing anyone about any claim that your are making, you must provide a link to each “factual” claim.

      I do a pretty good job of providing sources – reputable sources – for my claims; much moreso than deniers, particularly those that hobbled this awful book together. Most chapters of said book fail to provide a single citation. So if there is a specific claim that you have a problem with, please bring it to my attention and I can correct it. But if you were to browse through the rest of the site, it’s clear to see that most of my claims are backed up by news articles, school documents, police reports, etc.

      I’m only interested in facts and truth.

      No one interested in “facts and truth” is still entertaining a single aspect of the preposterous Sandy Hook hoax narrative.

  2. The death certificate says “no autopsy performed”, why?

    • Shill Murray on September 26, 2018 at 1:02 pm said:

      I assume you’re asking about Noah Pozner’s death certificate. If not, you’ll need to be more clear. If so, that’s covered here: https://www.crisisactorsguild.com/2016/03/18/fact-checking-nobody-died-at-sandy-hook-chapter-eleven/

      The death certificate does in fact say that no autopsy was performed, and that’s true; the Pozner family chose not to have an autopsy performed on Noah due to religious reasons. And Alison Peters does state in the official report (Book 9, 00274772.pdf) that “I received the autopsy reports for the twenty-six (26) victims of the Sandy Hook School Shooting”. But simply mentioning the potential discrepancy is where master researchers Fetzer and Watt leave off. After all, they actually answered their own questions and pursued the truth, it would mean the end of their little scam.

      Unsurprisingly, Lenny Pozner was also curious about this potential mix-up, so he crafted an e-mail to Dr. James Gill, the Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Connecticut. In his reply, Dr. Gill’s wrote:

      Dear Mr. Pozner,

      We define “autopsy” as an external and internal postmortem examination. When the internal examination is not done, we call this an external examination or external postmortem examination. Unfortunately, in my cover letter to the State Police, I incorrectly used “26 autopsy reports” and this was then later included in the State Police report. I am sorry for the confusion this has caused you and I have contacted Alison Peters of the State Police to let her know.

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