“Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”
Chapter Three
By: James Fetzer

It bugs me to present these chapters out of order, but Wolfgang Halbig was in the midst of his second FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) hearing on my original run-through, so I wanted to wait until the dust settled before tackled this one, just in case anything interesting popped up. Ultimately nothing really did (outside of Halbig’s usual lies), and I’ve included some information in regards to that hearing at the end of this article.

Anyway, before we get into the claims made here, here’s how SandyHookFacts.com summarizes Wolfgang Halbig’s miserable showing at his first FOIA hearing, which is the focus of this chapter:

Wolfgang Halbig’s spent about $20,000 raised through his charity, Sandy Hook Justice, for two days worth of hearings. He was awarded no documents and the majority of his complaints where dismissed in their entirety.  It should also be noted that the documents Halbig obtained at a cost of  about $20,000, Sandy Hook Facts obtained for under $100.


“Among our most important discoveries has been the FEMA manual for the Sandy Hook event (Appendix A), which specifies that a rehearsal will be conducted on December 13, 2012, with the event going ‘LIVE’ on the 14th, which explains why Wolf has been unable to obtain information about the Port-A-Potties, which on its face seems very obscure, but where releasing the documents he has requested would reveal that they were delivered on the 13th, which blows the cover for the whole event.” pgs. 39-40

The “FEMA manual” is obvious hokum – a forgery best described as “amateurish” – as explained here and here. That anyone ever took it seriously is unbelievable, even taking into consideration the extreme gullibility of your average Sandy Hook denier.

If anyone really wants to know when the toilets were delivered, all they would need to do is consult the police dashcam videos from that morning and they can see them being put into place for themselves:

Note the time and date.

Furthermore, if the toilets had been delivered the day before, they would also be visible in the following early aerial photo of the school’s parking lot:

“One of Wolf’s successes has been to gain access to dozens and dozens of photographs taken of the school the day after the alleged shooting.” pg. 40

Yes, he “gained access” to them by downloading the crime scene photographs that were made available as part of the final report in December of 2013, years before Halbig’s total failure of a FOIA hearing. An incredible, resounding success, for sure, though he didn’t even bother to download the related videos and instead waited for someone else to upload them to YouTube so that he (or more likely one of his lackeys) could take a number of screenshots.

I’m not going to go through each and every one of Halbig’s photos (and there are a lot of them, all of which are available as part of the final report) as I sincerely believe most normal, reasonable adults recognize that they depict a small, fifty-six year-old public elementary school that has inarguably seen better days – even as it expanded in 1964, 1992, and 2000 in an attempt to keep up with increasing enrollment – but is still fully functional and poses absolutely no risk whatever to its students. Of course, if the school were too new or pristine, deniers would undoubtedly tell us that it had been built specifically for this purpose, much in the same way the Lanza home was obviously staged because it wasn’t cluttered enough while Sandy Hook Elementary School was obviously staged because it’s too cluttered.

Anyway, I really do love to point and laugh at deniers, so I want to draw attention to some of Halbig’s more ridiculous or ignorant commentary:

Rusted hinges on an exterior, emergency exit door? How did anyone learn anything here?

BENT BLINDS? Shut it down, folks!

What’s funny about that one (at least to me; your mileage may vary) is that a company I do some work for just moved into a brand new, multi-million dollar office this week. They went to the studs on the renovation and it really looks fantastic. I showed up a week early in order to help everyone transition into the new space and before a single employee even showed up for work, the blinds in the kitchen were already bent.

Because if Sandy Hook were open and functional, I suppose they’d have nothing better to do than refinish the kinda rusty edge of the giant metal box that sits behind the school.

To answer Halbig’s question: because, as per usual, you’re wrong. No one broke any windows to escape. It may sound unbelievable, but some windows can be opened these days. It’s incredible, right? What a time to be alive!

Here’s what actually happened (Source: Book 5, 00006441.pdf):

In said statement [redacted] related that at the time of the shooting, she was in a meeting with two other teachers, who she identified as [redacted]. [redacted] related that she heard gun fire and smelled what she believed was gun powder. That the gun fire appeared to [redacted] to last “forever” and she as well heard the voices of unknown persons “screaming and crying”. [redacted] opened a window in the room she was in, climbed through it and ran from the school.

Is this motherfucker for real? His dopey ass had months to prepare for this meeting, and he couldn’t figure out that these are composting bins? The one seen on the very right appears to be a Good Ideas 7 cubic foot Compost Wizard Jr. I guess the surrounding gardening equipment wasn’t enough of a clue? Or the fact that the school’s composting program received a mention in this article from July 20th, 2012:

There is a schedule put in place for different students and families to come to the school throughout the week to water and weed the garden.

Weeds taken from the garden are put in a compost heap, which is part of a third grade project.

In fact, Sandy Hook’s plans to implement  had plans dating back in 2010 to implement a composting project, as discussed in this article from The Newtown Bee:

Next year a composting project may also be added, similar to Hawley’s program, but both Ms Hammond and Ms Taylor said parent volunteers would be needed.

And while he admittedly has no idea what he’s looking at, he just knows that they look “unsafe”. What’s going to happen, Wolfgang? Is an unsupervised child going to fall into one of these 22″ deep bins and then somehow screw the lid on from the inside?

This one – not all that surprisingly – is deceptive. Certainly when you look at classroom #6 through this door, at this angle, it maybe looks as if it could be a little difficult to navigate. And of course strategically placing the text box over the open, “uncluttered” area is a nice touch. But this is a panorama of what the room actually looks like on the inside, taken from the same set of crime scene photos:

Why would anyone need to open it? It’s not even plugged in.

This is a real one, I swear! It is not a goof. Wolfgang Halbig really does count “strangely painted cabinets” as evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School was not functional on December 14th, 2012. People sent him money for this stuff.

First of all, anyone who has ever used one of these dispensers knows that the amount of paper sticking out of the bottom is a very poor indicator of how many paper towels are actually in the stupid thing (especially if it’s touchless/hands-free). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scraped my knuckles reaching up into a full one. Secondly, this picture is of the bathroom door in room #2. Room #2, according to the school’s floor plan, is listed as “possible day care” (while the placard outside of the room says “PROBE”), so I’m not even sure if it was in use at the time. In fact, one of the only other photos of this room included in the crime scene photos (page 679 of Walkley’s scene photos) show it to be almost entirely empty:

So while Halbig is happy to point out a possibly empty paper towel dispenser as well as a “dirty wall” (in an elementary school? My stars!) in a likely unused room, he also ignores a number of signs that actual people regularly inhabited this building, such as the can of air freshener, the bottle of soap, hand lotion, toys (seen on the left), and a thermostat that reads 70° in December, which makes it clear that the heat is on in this building. Surely no one would bother to keep a building that’s (allegedly) been uninhabited for four or five years so warm.

Halbig also ignores an even greater number of paper towel dispensers throughout the building that actually do show paper towels sticking out of the bottom:

That last one even has used towels in the trash! Whoever staged the school thought of everything! Well, except to clean the place up well enough to fool ol’ Wolfgang Halbig, of course. But if anyone really needs some paper towels, I think I may know where to look:

This looks promising! Let’s take a peek inside:

Oh shit! Jackpot!

Here’s another case of Halbig not recognizing an object and assuming it therefore must be nefarious:

I’m honestly not sure what this is either, but who gives a shit? The school had over fifty years to accumulate all manner of things, including electronic equipment that may not be recognizable to most people these days. Ignorance is not an indictment.

So the school closed sometime around 2007 or 2008, but then they came back in at some point to plant old evacuation plans, all while making sure that the magazines in the lobby totally were up-to-date? And this is somehow more believable than a school simply reusing their evacuation plan from the previous year?

Once again, this is room #2, which is listed as “possible day care” on the floor plan and “PROBE” on the hall placard (although it appeared to be unused at the time of the shooting). If this room were to be utilized for day care, obviously you would not want to give children that young the ability to lock themselves in the bathroom. The bathrooms in some day care facilities (as well as some preschools) don’t even have doors for this very reason. And this is the same guy that was worried children may fall into composting bins.

Yes, it’s a triangle-shaped “potty chair” that is shorter than a two liter bottle (which is already less than a foot tall), has a teardrop-shaped hole in it, and is actually a three-legged stool. They are very popular with new parents.

As someone with extensive IT experience, this one cracks me up. This is one of the school’s network racks (there’s another one by the front entrance, in room 11A-5). This is more often than not what they look like (feel free to click here if don’t believe me), and there’s zero chance children were allowed in this room.

“Clutter”. Otherwise known as musical instruments in a well-organized music room.

“The discussion dealt with the consent agenda regarding the Super Bowl permission by Dawn Hochsprung (“the hoax was sprung in the dawn”), documents for which Wolf had requested.” pg. 41

Terrible, tasteless pun aside, you are absolutely reading that right: Wolfgang Halbig introduced the batshit crazy “Super Bowl” claim into his FOIA hearing. How did it go? Again, I’ll let SandyHookFacts.com explain:

Records Sought:  Halbig asks for the consent agenda for Jan. 23, 2013 and supporting documents.

Facts:  Newtown provided these documents to Halbig.

Conspiracy Theorist Angle:  Many hoaxer conspiracy theorist believe the children who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting are magically alive, aged 5-6 years, and sang at the Super Bowl in 2013.  These delusional people have published numerous videos and blog posts making such claims.

Halbig has invented a premise that the Consent Agenda for the Jan. 23, 2013 must have had information on sending the Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir to Super Bowl.

Therefore, reasons Halbig, since documents are not present, he did not receive the document.

Commentary:  SandyHookFacts believes that if the general population of Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy theorists get the names of the chorus, the children and their families will be relentlessly stalked and harassed; much like several others associated, even remotely, to that tragedy. Therefore, protecting these minors from Sandy Hook Hoax conspiracy theorists is essential.

In terms of the FOI request.  Halbig asked for a specific documents. Halbig received that documents.  Halbig’s irrational belief carries no weight outside of the Hoaxer world and certainly carries zero weight in the legal realm.

In this instance, Newtown provided Halbig with his exact request; the consent agenda and attachments. Halbig was unable to grasp the concept that attachments might have a different date than the consent agenda. The commission even tried to explain it to him. These concepts are apparently beyond Halbig’s understanding.

Again, hoaxer attorney L. Kay Wilson offered zero evidence that Halbig did not receive the complete document.

“When asked when the new security system was installed, he stated it was last updated in 2007! This was new information to all researchers and when Wolf was asked why he thought there was a new system, Wolf said every news outlet in America reported that the school had a new system and that the school principal, Mrs. Hochsprung, had sent out letters to parents describing the new security upgrades.” pg. 42

I covered the security system in Chapter Five. In short, we can easily trace the security system all the way back to 2006, based on Newtown’s Building & Site Improvements of the Superintendent of Schools Annual Report for fiscal year 2007. Dawn Hochsprung’s letter to parents – copied from Hawley School’s letter regarding their own strikeplate security system – had been available on Sandy Hook’s website since at least November of 2007.

The claim that “every news outlet in America reported that the school had a new system” is pure fantasy.

“Governor Malloy blundered here, no doubt because he did not want to admit that the person who had warned him ‘something like this might happen’ appears to have been Attorney General Eric Holder, who visited with the governor on November 27, 2012, which was only a few weeks before the event at Sandy Hook would go down. Yet the governor made no effort to warn Connecticut school districts to enhance their security due to an imminent threat. I surmise he was in fact told they were going to take an abandoned school and conduct a drill and present it as real to promote the administration’s anti-gun agenda.” pg. 43

So, according to this book, Sandy Hook Elementary School closed sometime in 2007 or 2008 for no real reason and with absolutely zero fanfare. It was such a quiet closing, that multiple local news agencies continued to report on it as if it were still open. Fast forward to 2012 when Attorney General Eric Holder informs Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy as well as Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman during a meeting on November 27th that there “may” be a drill at one of his abandoned schools in less than a month, even though FEMA had made the “manual” available on October 8th. And, during that time, someone needed to stage it to look like a functioning school. Governor Malloy then deliberately referenced this conversation during a press conference, but still played it off as a real event, even referring to it as “a tragedy of unspeakable terms”.

I hope everyone got all of that!

Believe it or not, despite laying an egg once already, Halbig returned to Newtown for a second FOIA hearing in February of 2016. Probably because donations from wide-eyed chuckleheads are his only source of income. You can read all about Halbig’s latest attempt here (and his latest tall tale here).

6 Thoughts on “Fact Checking “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”, Chapter Three

  1. Whatever your side in this story is, the death of those children should trigger a stricter gun law in this country period!

  2. You sir are the denier…

    • Shill Murray on August 18, 2016 at 1:12 pm said:

      Wow! Another incredibly well-researched, extensively sourced and impeccably worded refutation of the material from the death cult! You certainly showed me!

  3. Great article with a very well researched material. Sandy Hook is such a sad event in our history.

  4. Ashlee on January 3, 2020 at 5:13 am said:

    I don’t believe it was closed or that the whole thing was a fake. I believe it was a real event and a very sad one. But there is no denying the school was dirty and disorganized and parts of it looked a real mess. Why would you have an unused fridge in a classroom with stuff stacked on it?

    • Shill Murray on January 20, 2020 at 10:59 pm said:

      But there is no denying the school was dirty and disorganized and parts of it looked a real mess.

      There isn’t? Says who? Because I’d certainly deny most if not all of that. Sure, parts of the school appear to be less-than-meticulous, but it’s an elementary school for chrissakes. It’s also a bit unfair to judge how organized and tidy things were based on crime scene photos as many of the children (and adults) were fleeing a gunman. Therefore, things were (understandably) left out of place or strewn about. There’s no better example of this than the crime scene video, which shows unfinished pizza left out in the open in the cafeteria. Of course the school didn’t regularly leave food out; they were clearly in the middle of making it when shooting broke out.

      As for the general condition of the school, it was fifty-six years old and it showed its age. Unsurprisingly, the newer expansion built onto the back of the school was in much better shape (because that’s generally how things work). But if you think Sandy Hook is “dirty”, don’t Google photos from inside America’s inner-city public schools as you may have a heart attack.

      Why would you have an unused fridge in a classroom with stuff stacked on it?

      It was “unused” based on what exactly? Crime scene photos showing stuff sitting in front of the door? And how would you know how long it had been like that?

      Any photos showing the refrigerator in Ms. Soto’s room that I could find were taken after investigators had started combing through the school, so it’s entirely possible (and I’d say more than likely) that they placed the items there during the course of their work. In fact, there’s evidence of this in the crime scene video walk-though of the school’s exterior, which was filmed Friday evening. At around 11:30 of the “CDMCS_School_Exterior” video, there’s a clear shot of the fridge in a much different state than it appears in the crime scene photos: nothing more than a purse or a lunch bag in front of it and even more on top.

      So it’s clear that the fridge and the area surrounding it had been disturbed before those crime scene photos were taken.

      As for the idea that a refrigerator must be “unused” if stuff is stacked on top of it; the top of my fridge is like 20% of my kitchen storage. Literally every house I’ve been in has been the same way. Get real.

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