In my previous entry, I was able to objectively demonstrate not only that the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine (“The Wayback Machine”) is a thoroughly worthless tool for measuring a public school’s “Internet activity” (let alone its actual operation), but that in using outdated information as part of their “research”, the ghouls responsible for “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” have shown themselves to be totally inept, if not intentionally deceitful. But there’s still a bit of life left in this horse (and I’m not talking about James Fetzer).

According to Sandy Hook denialist cult leader Wolfgang Halbig’s publicly available resume – which is frequently at odds with his own claims – Halbig worked at both Lake Mary as well as Lyman High Schools in Seminole County, Florida. But how do we know that these schools haven’t been secretly closed for years in preparation for an upcoming false flag event?

Lake Mary High School’s website is located here, at If we plug that address into The Wayback Machine, we get the following results:

Whoah, wait a minute! There are not one but two rather sizable gaps in “Internet activity” here, the first of which extends from April of 2003 until December of 2005. That’s over two and a half years of radio silence! The second gap is almost just as long, stretching from February of 2009 all the way to July of 2011 (with the exception of one snapshot taken in February of 2010, likely performed to throw everyone off of their trail). That’s nearly five years total without “Internet activity” since 2001!

But what about Lyman High School? Entering their website – – into the Wayback Machine yields nearly identical results:

Obviously this cannot be anything other than suspicious, and since Wolfgang Halbig was once vice principal of both schools, it’s guaranteed that he was involved with whatever has been going on. We also know that Halbig himself has admitted that the schools under his care were infested with mold, so it’s extremely likely that they have been closed for some time, possibly acting as storage for other area schools.

When will Wolfgang reveal the truth about Lake Mary and Lyman High Schools?

3 Thoughts on “Why “The Most Compelling Evidence” In “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” Is A Total Bust, Part Two

  1. Ashley Williams on June 11, 2017 at 12:50 am said:

    Okay, so no yearbooks 🙁
    How about a video of Miss Soto’s class from a class party? Also, anyone know if Rick Thorne would be willing to do an interview? I’m working a project and these things could be helpful.

  2. This is the 2-minute smoking gun evidence that the kids are still alive and it has been suppressed and scrubbed so many times. I am unsure of how much longer it will survive on this site. I’ve seen it removed from 2 others. Please share so we can prove once and for all what happened. The children are still alive and they paraded them before our eyes to laugh at how much power and deception they hold over us.

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