Internet panhandler Wolfgang Halbig must have collected more money from his frequent donation drives than he knows what to do with because he’s practically begging people like me (as well as CW Wade of Sandy Hook Facts) to take it from him, one grand at a time. There’s simply no other way to explain his repeated offers to hand out $1,000 to anyone who can produce photographs from the 2012 Veteran’s Day Breakfast, an annual tradition at Sandy Hook School.

Here’s just one example of Halbig’s proposal, taken from his official Facebook page (which is an borderline unreadable mess, for the record):

And here’s the full text. I’ve left all spelling and grammatical errors intact because this is the guy that has positioned himself as the lead “investigator” for Sandy Hook “truth”:


Why do we have NO takers in Newtown, CT on reward money like a $1000.00 for just one picture showing school busses[sic] at Sandy Hook Elementary School at the end of the school day in 2012-2013 lining up to pick up the children for their ride home?

We should see no less then[sic] 10 school busses[sic] stacked back to back.

Now surely the police officers must have some of those pictures along with about a 1000 parents taken[sic] pictures or shooting a video. This is what we as parents do.

How about a picture in 2012-2013 showing waiting parents lining up to pick up their children at Sandy Hook Elementary School at the end of the school day.

Here is another $1000.00 for such a simple request.

School Busses[sic] and parents waiting in 2012-2013 waiting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School stacked like they were at St Rose of Lima which I have attached a picture for your viewing.

I am so tired of seeing pictures from 2011-2012 school years at Sandy Hook Elementary School showing Veterans eating in the cafeteria on Memorial Day.

Show us the 2012-2013 pictures of Veterans eating in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Cafeteria and here goes another $1000.00 thousand dollars.

Easy money.


Easy money, indeed! If only Wolfgang were an honest man.

First of all, those of you who have read Sandy Hook Was Open, Part Five: Dawn Hochsprung’s Twitter Feed are already well aware that these pictures (timestamped by Twitter) exist and have been public since 2012:

Certainly that should be the end of it, right? I have to imagine that my check or money order or Visa prepaid gift card is already on its way (though I prefer my cash in a nondescript briefcase). Or maybe Wolfgang just needs more proof first, maybe from a source other than Twitter. After all, deniers are experts at moving the goalposts.

Luckily there’s also the Newtown Bee, who reports on the school’s Veteran’s Day breakfast every year. 2012 was certainly no different and we have the proof (digitally as well as in print).

From the November 16th, 2012 print edition of the paper:

This article is also available on the Newtown Bee’s website, via their archives:

Schools Celebrate Veterans Day

Accompanying this article online is a high resolution, full cover version of the photo seen in the article above:

This photo’s Exif or metadata can be viewed on the Newtown Bee’s website in order to confirm that it was indeed taken on November 12th, 2012, at 9:21AM:

That makes four photos from the 2012 Veterans Day Breakfast. So where’s my money, Wolfgang? Are you a man of your word or not?

3 Thoughts on “Dust Your Checkbook Off, Wolfgang

  1. Halbig says four times that he wants to see photos of school “busses” from 2012-2013 lined up to pick up their children. Murray, you must have gotten to him because he said, “I am so tired of seeing pictures from 2011-2012 school years at Sandy Hook Elementary School showing Veterans eating in the cafeteria on Memorial Day.” Doesn’t he realize that the photos that SHES has chosen to share cover the years 2011 to the end of 2012? Where does he get 2012-2013? The hoaxers do not want more evidence; they just promote speculative theories.

    Certainly, Halbig visited his son if there was such a Memorial Day celebration at his son Eric’s school. After all, Halbig (born 1947) claims that he was in United States Air Force (1967-1970), was part of the Strategic Air Command, a Combative Measures Instructor, a Disaster Preparedness Instructor and a Physical Fitness Specialist. Halbig must have been the “star” of any celebration at Eric’s school. May we have a photo of Halbig at his son’s school? Didn’t he say, regarding taking pictures, “This is what we as parents do.” Eric is the son who was arrested on 12/14/2012 (super big coincidence) for domestic battery. Thereafter, Eric moved into Halbig’s home at 25526 Hawks Run Ln, Sorrento, FL 32776, the home that is currently in foreclosure: I guess Halbig did not collect sufficient donor funds to keep up those pesky house payments. So, don’t hold your breath waiting for Halbig to pay $1,000 for anything. Apparently, he still lives in his home as that is where he wants people to send checks, cash or money orders.

    • Shill Murray on June 14, 2016 at 9:45 pm said:

      These are exactly the pictures he claims to be looking for. The photos he’s “sick” of seeing are the ones featured in the scrapbook (which I recently wrote about) as well as the Newtown Bee’s website. Those are from the previous year.

      I’ve also seen his request for photos of the buses… or “busses”, as he says. It’s ludicrous, of course. Why would those pictures exist? The school year had only started three months earlier. Why would anyone take such a picture?

      I guess I can’t be surprised that his kid is also a piece of shit. The apple, etc.

  2. In January 2016, Halbig offered $10,000 to anyone who could prove him wrong about Sandy Hook: He repeats the same lies over and over. He is a filthy con-man and a fraud who has faked his history, his experience, his occupation.

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