The preposterous claim – which has since become denier canon – that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed in 2008 due to non-existent “asbestos contamination” is not based on any actual evidence, but has been made solely out of convenience. Trying to explain how in the world President Obama or FEMA or the lizard people could successfully pull off a convincing phony school shooting in an abandoned school is tricky enough, but trying to solve how they could perform such a feat in a bustling elementary school, full of hundreds and hundreds of children, is infinitely more so. But whether it’s four years or four days, Sandy Hook deniers have flat-out failed to produce even one iota of proof in the three and a half years since the shooting. This is indisputable.

Meanwhile, there exists a truly impressive amount of evidence to the contrary, further re-enforcing the incredibly obvious: Sandy Hook Elementary School was (of course) open and fully operational on December 14th, 2012, when Adam Lanza shot his way into the school and murdered twenty-six people. The school was not shuttered in 2008 (nor 2009, 2010, etc), and those who continue to insist that it was are either liars, out to make a quick buck; the mentally ill; or gullible ignoramuses. But at least there’s a glimmer of hope for the latter, and that’s one of the big reasons that this series of entries – and even this site itself – exists.

As explored in “Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open, Part Ten: 95 More Photos From Sandy Hook School”,  media outlets that typically cover the Newtown area – particularly The Newtown Bee – have written about Sandy Hook Elementary literally hundreds upon hundreds of times since the school was built in 1956. And between the Bee, the Danbury Newstimes, the CT Post, and the Newtown Patch, there have been over one hundred and ninety-five articles written about the school between the years of 2008 and 2012 alone. There are likely many more, but digging through The Newtown Bee’s archives for the appropriate material proved to be a bit cumbersome, so these results are not comprehensive. Still, in what should come as a shock to absolutely no one, none of these articles paint a picture anything other than an active, functional elementary school, regularly attended by hundreds of children. Not a single one of them alludes to the school being closed, even temporarily (beyond the expected winter and summer breaks). Not one! The CT Post wrote about the end of Monroe’s Chalk Hill Middle School (which – as an actual abandoned school – acted as the temporary home for Sandy Hook’s students), and New Jersey’s Marlton Sun recently wrote about the impending closure of the Florence V. Evans Elementary School in EveshamThe Newtown Bee even covered Newtown’s discussions regarding possibly closing Newtown Middle School back in 2011. So if the school was in fact closed (and it wasn’t), then why isn’t there a single article anywhere detailing the last days of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown? I mean, I know the answer.

Since I’ve heard it once or twice before, let’s head this one off at the pass: I fully expect some chucklefuck to shit out a comment that says something along the lines of “Why are most of these from the Newtown Bee? Isn’t it suspicious that one paper wrote 98% of the articles about the school?” This is a very stupid question (which also doubles as an indictment of the Newtown Bee staff). Sandy Hook School was a small elementary school – not even the only one in its district! – tucked away in the suburbs of Connecticut; who else was supposed to write about it? Seriously. How many of the nearly 100,000 elementary schools in the United States make national news, except for when something truly awful happens within their walls? In fact, one could reasonably argue that the school’s low profile is further proof that what happened on December 14th, 2012 was entirely legitimate. Surely stories about the school and its students could have easily been planted in the national or even world media, raising its profile substantially, and allowing the story to make a far greater impact. But I suppose we’re expected to believe that whoever was in charge of making sure that the most recent copy of Scholastic’s “Parent & Child” was barely visible in a couple of crime scene photos never thought of that.

January, 2008:
“Valentines For The Troops”

February, 2008:
“SHS Student Honors Martin Luther King Jr. At State Capital”
“A Big St. Valentine Thank You”
“Dancer Tim Latte Gives A Perception Changing Performance At SHS”
“There’s Math In The Music And Music In The Math”
“Standardized Testing To Begin Next Week”

March, 2008:
“Guitar-playing Janitor Is Making Sweet Music”
“Newtown Officials Urged To Restore $900,000 To Schools”

April, 2008:
“Newtown Homes Get A Steady Stream Of Information On School Issues”
“A Visit From Flat Stanley”

May, 2008:
“A Sweet Hobby Shared With One Grandfather And 100,000 Flying Friends”
“One School One Read At Sandy Hook”
“Kindness On May Day”
“Third Grade Students Learn About And Then Share Their Heritage”

June, 2008:
“Saturday , June 28”
“Walk And Talk For Cardio Health”
“Pizza Helps Students At Sandy Hook School Celebrate The End Of The Year”
“Sandy Hook School Opens Its Doors In The Name Of Art”

August, 2008:
“School Board Reviews Timeframe For Improvements And Year-End Financial Report”
“Superintendent, Principal Among New Faces In Newtown”

September, 2008:
“New Layout For SHS Yearbook This Year”
“Reed And Sandy Hook Send Valentines To The Troops”
“Sandy Hook Students Travel The World While Listening To Stories”

October, 2008:
“Fall Celebration To Raise Money For PTA Programs”

November, 2008:
“Sandy Hook School Honors Veterans At Breakfast”
“Sandy Hook Elementary Principal Named Administrator Of The Year”
“Three Schools Prepare To Write Valentines For Soldiers”

December, 2008:
“Local Needy Benefit From Newtown Funds Holiday Program”
“Junior Girl Scout Troop 50843, Fourth Grade Students From Sandy Hook School, Went On A Field Trip…”
“Singing Songs For Soldiers”
“Newtown Kids To Send Songs And Letters To Soldiers”
“2008 Holiday Basket Program”

January, 2009:
“Students Reach Out”
“Volunteers Honor And Are Honored In 2008”
“A Valentine’s Day Kickoff—”
“Valentines To Our Troops”

February, 2009:
“Newtown Rotary Provides Dictionaries To Students”

March, 2009:
“St Valentine’s Day Project Recognized”
“Youth Grapplers Earn Titles”

April, 2009:
“Sandy Hook School Kicks Off One School One Read”

May, 2009:
“One School One Read Ends At Sandy Hook With An Authors Visit And A Special Night”
“Another Kindness From The Club”
“Student Art Lines The Walls Of Newtown’s Schools”

June, 2009:
“Recognizing Girl Scouts”
“Making A Difference Together”

October, 2009:
“St Valentine’s Day Project Reminder”
“Offices Poised To Relocate From Edmond Town Hall”
“Newtown Visited By Two Chinese Educators”

November, 2009:
“Flu Symptoms Ground Band And Color Guard, And More Absentee Numbers In The School District”
“Newtown Fund Holiday Basket Volunteers Make Sure ‘No One Goes Without’”
“Veterans’ Day 2009—A Day For Name, Rank, And Recognition”
“St Valentine’s Letter Project Explained At Reed School”
“Tag-A-Gift Program Needs Quick Return For Depot Day”

December, 2009:
“Special Occasions Held Throughout The School Year Focus On Science In The Elementary Schools”
“Seventy-Two Local Families Receive ‘Holiday Baskets’”
“Concerts Mark The Winter Season Across The District”
“Delicious Rafters Raised At Sandy Hook School”

January, 2010:
“Newtown Student Helps A Book Collection Grow”
“An Eventful Year In Newtown’s Public School District”
“Sandy Hook Students Say Thanks And Happy Valentines Day”
“Sandy Hook School Food Drive Works Toward The 100th Day”
“Valentines For Troops 2010”
“Newtown Faces Possible Loss Of After School Programs, 10 Teachers”
“Health Reports: Newtown Food Inspection Scores”
“Newtown Schools Accept Donations”

February, 2010:
“School Board Begins Inspection Of 2010-2011 Superintendent’s Budget”
“St Valentine’s Day Project Wraps Up This Year’s Effort”
“Newtown Health District Food Establishment Inspection Scores”

March, 2010:
“School Board Resumes Regular Meetings With A Long List Of Issues”
“Art Across The District Takes A Closer Look”
“Sandy Hook Elementary Spring Gala Reminder”
“Board of Education Weighs Its Budget Options”
“Proposed Budget Reductions”

April, 2010:
“Sandy Hook School Conservation And Recycling Unit Concludes”
“After 14 Years Donna Page Retiring As Sandy Hook School Principal”
“School Board Discusses Further Cost Savings”
“School Officials Answer Public Budget Questions”
“Kids For Canines Hopes To Help Dogs, Community”
“Newtown Looking For Elementary School Principals”

May, 2010:
“Sandy Hook School’s One School One Read Comes To A Close”
“Art Nights Invite Families To See Student Work”
“Sandy Hook School Student Book Club Begins With ‘No Talking'”
“Sandy Hook Elementary School Kicks Off One School One Read 2010 With ‘A Bear Named Trouble'”

June, 2010:
“School Districts Hires Replacements For Sandy Hook And Middle Gate Departing Principals”
“At Sandy Hook And Middle Gate—New Principals Prepare For First Days In The District”
“Fond Farewells From Departing Middle Gate And Sandy Hook Principals”
“Newtown Hires Two New Elementary Principals”
“Newtown Food Inspection Ratings, Covering Newtown, Bridgewater And Roxbury”

July, 2010:
“Discusses Bus Contract Finance System School Board Hires New Head O Meadow Principal”
“New Head O’ Meadow Principal Preparing For 2010-2011”
“Sandy Hook School’s Assistant Principal Named To Top Post At Head O’ Meadow”
“Catching Up With The New Head O’ Meadow School Principal”
“Newtown Board Of Education Names New Head O’Meadow Principal”

August, 2010:
“New Projection Shows School Enrollment To Decrease”
“School Board Learns NHS Expansion Project Delayed”

September, 2010:
“A ‘Musical’ Work Of Art Taking Shape At Sandy Hook School”
“Jennifer Sinal Named Sandy Hook School Assistant Principal”
“Educators And Students Upbeat As The New School Year Begins”
“PTA Volunteers Sought At Each School”
“Bus Safety Days Prepare Kindergarteners Across The District”
“Newtown Welcomes 3 New Elementary Principals”

October, 2010:
“Sandy Hook Second Graders Learn Bicycle Safety”
“First ‘Early Dismissal Wednesday’ Held In The District”
“One School One Read Sparks ‘Lemonade War’ In Sandy Hook”
“School Board Elects Leidlein Vice Chair, Buzzi Secretary”

November, 2010:
“Sandy Hook School Students Visited By ‘The Lemonade War’ Author”
“Full-Day Kindergarten Discussion Continues”
“Veterans Honored Across The School District”
“Newtown Students Collect Food Throughout The District”

December, 2010:
“Occupation: I’m A Kindergarten Teacher At Sandy Hook School. I’ve Been Teaching For Over 20 Years, And Have Been At Sandy Hook For 15 years.”
“Food Drive Helped 75 Families”
“Chinese Ministry Of Education Delegates Visit NHS”
“Across The District, Students Spread Cheer Through Giving”
“2010 Was A Busy And Active Year In Newtown’s Schools”
“Health Reports: Newtown Health District”

January, 2011:
“Winter School District Concerts Continue”
“NHS PTSA Hears Information About Newtown’s China Initiative”

February, 2011:
“Wine Tasting To Benefit Sandy Hook School”
“Celebrating Centenary Things On Day 100”
“Sandy Hook School Students Learn About Chinese Culture”
“School Roofs Under Inspection For Leaks And Ice Damming”
“Valentines Sent To Troops By Newtown Schools”

March, 2011:
“Scholastic Book Fairs In Schools Across The District”
“Sandy Hook School Searching For Someone To Fill Journalism Teacher’s Foot Prints”
“Sandy Hook School PTA Scholarship Available”
“Reminder: Wine Tasting To Benefit Sandy Hook School”
“Newtown Students Get Pumped For CMTs”
“Health Reports: Newtown”

April, 2011:
“Sandy Hook School Students Named Co-Principals For A Day”
“Surely You Have Heard The Phrases ‘The Elephant In The Room’…”
“Elementary Art Shows To Highlight A Year Of Art”
“Newtown Schools’ Spring Concert Dates”

May, 2011:
“Sandy Hook Hosts Author Barbara McClintock”
“Student Art Highlighted Across The District”
“Board Hears Report On Early Release, Teacher Development”

June, 2011:
“Adele Unger Is Featured This Week”
“Sandy Hook School Kindergarteners Read To Parents And Visitors”
“Friday, June 3”
“Young Fundraiser Supports Japanese Relief Fund”
“Lemonade For A Cure, With A Twist”
“Newtown Schools Swap Assistant Principals”

July, 2011:
“Reed And Sandy Hook School Assistant Principals Switch Positions”
“Kids For Canines Seeks Angels, Funds For Pound Pets”
“Newtown Committee Rethinks School Projects Schedule”
“Educators Are Top Earners In Newtown”

August, 2011:
“School Board Revises Its Capital Improvement Plan”

September, 2011:
“Mottos And Songs Across The School District”
“2011-12 School Year Begins”
“Author Shares Life Lessons And Lessons Of Love”
“Valentines For Troops 2012 Begins”
“Newtown Residents Dread Prospect Of More Days Without Electricity”

October, 2011:
“Pupil Services Director Reports On Special Ed Practices”
“Another Stretch Of Trail Planned At FFH”
“Teachers Attend First Professional Learning Community Day Of 2011-12 School Year”

November, 2011:
“Sandy Hook School Welcomes Incoming Kindergarteners”
“NMS Student Council Collecting Food For WIN”
“After The Storm Hiatus—Newtown Schools Get Back In The Groove”
“A Variety Of School Programs Honor Local Veterans Of US Wars”

December, 2011:
“Kindles Now Available For Checkout At Sandy Hook School”
“Project Eagle Lands At Sandy Hook School”
“Sandy Hook School Holds Annual Matter Day”
“Student Volunteers Give Back To The Community”
“First School Board Meeting For New Leaders Touches On Many Topics”
“Administrators’ Trip To China Aims To Expand Cultural Horizons For Newtown Students”
“Newtown Cited By State Education Advocacy Group” (The ConnCAN report card mentioned in the article can be found here, showing SHES ranked #50 in the state)
“2011 Was A Busy Year For Newtown’s Schools”

January, 2012:
“Prevention Council Hears About The Safe School Climate Act”
“Sandy Hook School Students Learn About Paper Engineering”
“Kindle Program Ignites Reading”
“BOE Begins Focusing On 2012-13 School Budgets”

February, 2012:
“Newtown School Board Adopts Budget”

March, 2012:
“Sandy Hook School Begins A Month Of Schoolwide Reading”

April, 2012:
“School Board Recognizes NHS Teams Hears From Sandy Hook Students”
“Safe School Climate Seminar Held”
“Newtown Public Schools Spring Concerts Scheduled”

May, 2012:
“Sandy Hook School Fourth Grade Walks Three Miles For A Cause”
“Fourth Graders Work To Spread Knowledge On World Water Crisis”
“Sandy Hook School Students Skype With New Hampshire Author”

June, 2012:
“2011-12 School Year Ends”
“Sandy Hook School Award Ceremony”
“Student Journalists Graduate Lillian Bittman Recognized”
“Sandy Hook School Marathon Mondays Group Completes Last Mile”
“Newtown Assistant Principals To Change Positions”
“Administrators Reflect On A School Year Of ‘Growth’”
“Llodra Wants Quick Referendum”

July, 2012:
“Planting The Seeds Of Education”
“The Legislative Council Has Gone On Record In Opposition To A Number Of The Charter Revision Commission’s Proposed Town Charter Changes…”
“Full-Day Kindergarten Rejected”

August, 2012:
“Fix Kindergarten, Don’t Just Extend It”
“2012-13 School Year Begins, With Some Showers And Transportation Issues”

September, 2012:
“BOE Passes New School Bus Drop Off Policy”
“CARES Model Continues To Support Community Environment At Sandy Hook Scohol”
“One Child’s Need Sparks Discussion Of Teaching Gifted Students”

November, 2012:
“Newtown Braces For Hurricane Sandy”
“Celebrating International Education Week”
“Schools Celebrate Veterans Day”

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12 Thoughts on “Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open, Part Eleven: Over 195 Articles Referencing Sandy Hook School, Written Between 2008-2012

  1. A former journalist on September 7, 2016 at 6:06 pm said:

    Hi. I checked out your site after reading the comment section on the horrific story “The Sandy Hook Hoax” in New York Magazine. You have done real hero’s work with this detailed research. No decent, sane, reasonably intelligent person would believe Fetzer, Halbig & Co., but I hope your thorough debunking convinces people who aren’t cruel but who are gullible when it comes to elaborately fabricated crap.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Halbig definitely owes you that reward!

  2. Wow. I’m incredibly impressed by the amount of research you’ve done and also by your writing style. You have a clever (albeit profane — and I’m not complaining about that) grasp of the English language!

    I’m very grateful you created this site. Thank you.

    I will sheepishly admit to having been one of the gullible ignoramuses who was sucked in somewhat by the deniers’ conspiracy theories — although I could never understand WHY this would have been a hoax, as I am 100% positive that Obama and those of his ilk are good people.

    Anyone with an ounce of intuition can see that, for instance, someone like Obama is an honorable, decent, empathic human being who cares about this country — not some sulphur-scented demon bent on taking away ‘Murica’s guns so that its citizens lie helpless while he and Hillary finalize their diabolical plans to enact Sharia Law under the New World Order! *massive eye roll*

    And that’s what bothered me so much when I started looking into Sandy Hook and saw all these seeming anomalies. I will admit that (as a parent myself) it was hard to see the reactions of some of the parents and not think, “Did they REALLY just lose a child?” I also thought there were some weird circumstances, and a lack of evidence, surrounding the whole thing that just didn’t add up.

    You, however, with incontrovertible evidence and solid reasoning, have SINGLE-HANDEDLY convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt of the truth of this horrific event, and I’m ashamed to even think for one moment I believed that these grieving parents were crisis actors. I’m not Catholic (or any other religion) but I hope this comment will serve as a type of penance for my grievous sin. I’m so sad for the pain this town has had to endure.

    Thank you again for creating this very helpful site and opening the eyes of people like me who, however briefly, were actually fooled into thinking a tragedy like this never occurred. You’ve really done some good here.

    • Shill Murray on October 19, 2016 at 7:26 am said:

      Hi, Jen! It’s great to hear from you. I was originally going to reply privately, but I was unsure of whether or not your contact information was correct/legitimate. I know I usually use unmonitored burner addresses when leaving comments, especially when dealing with Sandy Hook deniers, and I really wanted to ensure I was able to get in touch.

      First and foremost, thank you for the compliments. As I’ve mentioned once or twice before, I originally created this site in response to a challenge; one where I was asked to debunk not just some of James Fetzer’s claims, but all of them. And while hearing from skeptics is always affirming, reaching people like you has always been the ultimate goal… even if that means eventually having to apologize for calling them “gullible ignoramuses” (sorry!). Being able to stop otherwise reasonable people from becoming so entrenched in these goofball conspiracy theories that they are no longer thinking straight is the most satisfying thing imaginable, because what that ultimately means – and I hope this doesn’t come across as a bit too grandiose for just some website – is a little less darkness in the world. Because maybe that means less people harassing the friends and families of the victims, who may still be able to one day grieve properly, without the specter of someone like Wolfgang Halbig and his illiterate goon squad lurking behind them. Hopefully that makes some sense. I’ve had a couple beers.

      Every event is peppered by “anomalies”; some real and some imagined. And the confusion surrounding these events has only intensified with the advent of twenty-four hour news, which has proven to be both a blessing and a curse, as well as fertile ground for conspiracy types. In some ways, I can understand why some people may be alarmed by the often contradictory information born out of any major incident. What I don’t understand is people who latch on to that information rather than wait until the dust settles. Which – I hate to jump all over the place here – but reminds me of one of the (many) problems I have with the Sandy Hook denialist narrative: if “they” had at least four years to plan a “false flag” attack on an elementary school, why were there any inconsistencies in the official story? Why, with so much time to prepare, were news outlets unable to get the story right in the days following the attack?

      Even among those that believe President Obama is evil, I doubt many of them would make the claim that he, or the people surrounding him, are flat-out stupid. And that’s just what you would have to be in order to believe that a mass shooting will somehow result in less guns on the street. Historically – since Columbine, at least – these mass shootings have not only failed to generate any sort of meaningful gun control legislation, but they’ve also led to huge spikes in firearms and ammunition sales. Of course the President of the United States and his advisors would know this, so why would they engineer a phony one and expect different results? It’s absurd.

      Lastly, like you, I’m also not a religious person. What shocks me is the number of deniers who claim that they are. I’ve flat-out asked a couple of them, “Have you thought about what happens if you’re wrong about this? How do you explain yourself and your actions, which has resulted in so much pain, to your God?” The answers have been predictable. “I haven’t, because I’m not”.

      Anyway, thanks again. I’m glad you found the site.

  3. I remain uncertain of the events at Sandy Hook. I’m slightly embarrassed to be so. But I’ve seen video of what really looks like the kids that are alleged to have died, singing at a football game. I’ve seen a picture of pozner in a muslim school shooting poster. I’ve seen the movie that one actor did in his youth where he killed himself, and that same actor acting as a swat guy in sandy hook video. Then that same actor went before news agencies, talk shows (Oprah), and congress to lobby against guns. I’ve seen 21 christmas trees lined up behind a building on the day of the shooting and people that appears to be walking in circles to appear as if something big was happening. I’ve seen only a few outspoken profile parents and the rest go silent. I’ve seen one parent, laugh and then take deep breaths to get into character before going on camera. I’ve seen a corner that appeared to know nothing, But then, I’ve seen thousands of pages of redacted information from the Connecticut state website that could be assumed to be proof without much of a second thought. Of course I asked why would the police document the scene like a real crime if there was none….and with thousands of pages… It’s hard for me to imagine it’s all a hoax so perhaps maybe only one or two kids died…..but I do believe that the left and their desire to destroy the second amendment could have tried to use a tragedy to further their agenda by making it look way worse than it was. I know it sounds terrible, but I’d like to see the crime scene photos of the kids underacted before I would ever agree to even consider giving up my constitutional rights.

    • Shill Murray on October 24, 2017 at 2:57 am said:

      But I’ve seen video of what really looks like the kids that are alleged to have died, singing at a football game.

      Beyond the fact that they’re white kids from Newtown, they don’t really look all that much alike. You’re likely to believe that they do only because you were told that they do, much like people believe they hear “Turn me on, dead man” while playing “Revolution 9” by the Beatles backwards. I doubt that you came to that same conclusion while first watching the performance.

      Despite having already written of the Super Bowl claim here, I actually went on to ask a facial recognition expert by the name of Joelle Steele (who literally wrote the book photographic facial comparisons) to weigh in on this one, focusing in on one of the girls in particular, and she more or less laughed off the claim. I wrote about my conversation with Joelle here. I’d recommend checking it out.

      I’ve seen a picture of pozner in a muslim school shooting poster.

      This has been addressed elsewhere. There was a great thread about this on Metabunk, but it appears to have disappeared. Thankfully the page was archived by the Wayback Machine and is available here. There is also a Snopes article on the subject, though it’s not as thorough.

      I’ve seen the movie that one actor did in his youth where he killed himself, and that same actor acting as a swat guy in sandy hook video. Then that same actor went before news agencies, talk shows (Oprah), and congress to lobby against guns.

      I’ve seen stills from this film, though I’ve never seen a source, so I cannot confirm or deny that it is David Wheeler. Even if it is, so what? So the guy acted in some low-budget film. What does that have to do with anything?

      I’ve seen 21 christmas trees lined up behind a building on the day of the shooting

      You’re thinking of 26. 21 carries no real significance, so it wouldn’t be notable. But the Christmas tree claims has been debunked here as well as here.

      people that appears to be walking in circles to appear as if something big was happening

      This is simply looped Channel 12 helicopter footage. You’ve been duped. There was no “walking in circles”.

      I’ve seen only a few outspoken profile parents and the rest go silent.

      So what? What about this is suspicious to you? Do you expect them all to speak up or all of them to remain silent?

      I’ve seen one parent, laugh and then take deep breaths to get into character before going on camera.

      You believe – or you’ve been told – he’s “getting into character”. To me, he’s composing himself before giving a very difficult speech. Grief impacts people in a wide variety of ways and I’ve never seen anyone with a shred of psychological training suggest otherwise.

      I’ve seen a corner that appeared to know nothing

      If you’re referring to the infamous Wayne Carver interview frequently cited by conspiracy theorists, that was given – I believe – the day after the shooting. Information was still being gathered. This was long, long before the final report, while the information contained within the report was still being gathered.

      I know it sounds terrible, but I’d like to see the crime scene photos of the kids underacted before I would ever agree to even consider giving up my constitutional rights.

      You’re right: that does sound pretty terrible. No one came for your guns. No one is coming for your guns. If President Obama wanted them, staging a school shooting would be the absolute worst way as these events cause dramatic surges in gun sales. It would have been far more effective to simply pay off lawmakers, like everyone else does.

  4. I’ve heard hoaxers claim “it was almost Christmas, where are the decorations” and I believe the point of this argument is that the school was closed up until the shooting.

    I feel like an easier and much more plausible reason would include that there were some Christmas decorations in photos, but not an abundance of Christmas decor, because Sandy Hook is a public school, and there was probably a portion of the student population that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, for example we know Noah Pozners family is Jewish. So in general public schools tone down the Christmas decor, I believe there were some Christmas, but there was also more generic ones like the candles seen through the windows.

  5. Nothing_33 on June 14, 2018 at 4:50 pm said:

    Hey, I’m looking for information regarding the doors being locked at 9:30 and the buzz in system. I believe Hochsprung had sent a letter home to the parents about it but I am having a really hard time finding it. Did you happen to cover this topic and I have somehow missed it? Or do you know where I might be able to find it?

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