Unlike the intellectually dishonest chickenshits in charge of nearly every denialist echo chamber out there, I have always allowed visitors to post contrarian opinions here in the comments section, just as long as they don’t repeatedly make claims without providing evidence (I can’t do all the work for you lazy idiots) or fail the Shill Challenge (the rules of which are actually quite simple: if you’re going to forego an actual discussion and skip right to accusing me of being a “shill”, prove it and I’ll donate $300 to Wolfgang Halbig’s retirement legal fund. Fail and your baseless accusations will be deleted, and your IP banned). There are two major benefits to allowing these comments to stay, in my opinion: 1) I get to address a legitimate question or concern from an actual, honest (if not a bit misguided) truth-seeker who may have somehow gotten caught up in the copious amounts of denier garbage currently clogging up the Internet’s tubes, or 2) I get to publicly humiliate another brain-dead assgoblin who mistakenly believes that they’ve found yet another home for their watery bullshit. Our new friend “Shelley” of Monroe, Louisiana falls into the latter camp.

Commenting on Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open, Part Five: Dawn Hochsprung’s Twitter Feed, Shelley barely manages to string the following words together:

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