With what will surely be known as one of the most baffling, awful years in recent history finally coming to a merciful end, I figured I’d wrap things up with a (very) short list of the 2016’s biggest cowards, at least according to me, and presented in no particular order:

Wolfgang Halbig

Over the summer – and possibly going back even further than that – Wolfgang Halbig showed his supporters just how wasteful he was willing to be with their donations by placing an imaginary bounty of $1,000 on photographs from Sandy Hook Elementary School’s 2011 Veterans Day Breakfast. An example, taken straight from his Facebook page:

Now this is about as low a bar as you’ll find, but as an infinitely better “researcher” than Halbig, I already had these photos in my possession. And how did I obtain them? Do I have a man on the inside? Paid informants? No, just an ounce of intelligence and the incredible ability to browse Dawn Hochsprung’s Twitter feed as well as the Newtown Bee’s website. I was even able to dig up a scan of one photo as it appeared in the physical copy of the Bee, which is something I found – hilariously enough – on unemployed professor James Tracy’s blog, of all places. So I gathered up the allegedly elusive photos, published them on this website, and e-mailed them to Halbig. Make no mistake: I knew full well that there was no way in hell I would ever see even some of that money. That’s a level of naivety only seen in Halbig’s supporters. But this was an excellent opportunity for me to call Wolfgang’s bluff and further expose him as a dishonest huckster. Halbig responded (much later) by attempting to string me along, telling me that he was an honest man who would pay his promised reward… jussssttt after he went to Newtown to verify the authenticity of the photos. But after he did, he promised, that money was all mine. That, of course, never happened. After multiple reminders – via e-mail as well as his Facebook page, which I was promptly banned from – that he was a liar and a con-man, I was told:

Now you know that the Sandy Hook School Shooting is a total FRAUD.  Right?
So if that is a true statement how do you expect to get paid?
Fraud and more Fraud at Sandy Hook and the Newtown, CT police department and Newtown Bee.

Ah, right. How silly of me to forget! Of course this impossible caveat is nowhere to be found in his original challenge.

While it would have been easy for Wolfgang to part with what amounts to a fraction of the money he’s raised through his sham Sandy Hook “investigation”, it would have also required him to admit that he was wrong, and that is something that actually requires some courage. Halbig has none.

You can read a full breakdown of this incident – and view the photos in question – in “Wily Wolfgang Weaseals His Way Out Of Another One”. Because everyone loves good alliteration, right? Well, except for maybe Wolfgang, in this instance.

Allan Powell

Powell, who contributed two almost unbelievably stupid chapters to James Fetzer’s already very stupid “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”, is an Australian (by way of England) moonbat with no experience in any field relevant to the Sandy Hook case, whether it be journalism, forensics, investigations, law enforcement, education, etc. None. His standing in the hoaxer community (and he is more than just a denier as he actively invents malicious bullshit) seems to be based on nothing more than a willingness to go along with Fetzer’s lunacy.

I’ve e-mailed Allan a number of times in an attempt to get him to elaborate a bit on his crackpot theories – especially those that stood to upend many of his other theories, as well as those of his cohorts – but he wasn’t man enough to stand up for his work. You can see some of my early correspondence with him here. Predictably, later e-mails went unanswered, but I can only assume that they would have gone something like this:

From: Dreadnought1955@gmail.com
To: Me
Subject: Re: Allan, a question about Sandy Hook

I do not know.

Rob Dew

Speaking of lacking the testicular fortitude to stand up for and defend your work, let’s take a look at the sad case of InfoWars flunky Rob Dew. Rob – an amateur video producer turned “journalist” – chose to follow in the crazy, crazy footsteps of Alex Jones by regurgitating a bunch of long-debunked bullshit about the Sandy Hook tragedy. Specifically, Dew repeated the false claims that the Sandy Hook death certificates were “sealed”, and that it is a felony to even request one. Much like most of the garbage available on InfoWars, this is 1000% untrue. So I very publicly (as well as privately, by way of multiple, publicly-available e-mail addresses) challenged Rob: I, as a private citizen, would attempt to order an undetermined number of these allegedly “sealed” death certificates, straight from the town of Newtown. If successful, Rob would have to donate the cost of each certificate obtained – $20 – to the charity of my choosing. I would not pocket a single cent. And if I failed to obtain a single one… well, according to him, I would be imprisoned. But, failing incarceration, I would donate a fixed sum of $300 to the charity of his choosing. And that includes any fundraising effort; even those of Halbig, Tracy, etc.

Honestly, this was a win-win for Rob. If he won, he would be legitimized, the denier cult would be vindicated, I would be publicly humiliated as well as discredited, and some charity (or “charity”) would walk away with an easy $300. If he lost, hundreds of dollars could have gone to a good cause. And no matter the outcome, we would all know the truth once and for fall… or those of us who already knew the truth, we could take a small amount of comfort in knowing that it was now reaching an even larger audience. But Rob didn’t bite. In fact, he didn’t even think my challenge deserved a response, despite my incessant nagging. Maybe what Rob really needs is some more of Alex’s Super Male Vitality® pills.

9 Thoughts on “The Biggest Cowards Of 2016

  1. Hi SM

    Happy New Year – and thanks again for all your work in the past year.

    I always get a full body cringe when I see ‘Allan Powell’ and ‘Aussie’ in one sentence.

    He’s a resident and may even have citizenship but I have no hesitation in repudiating his Aussieness! It’s enough embarrassment already that we’ve given the world Peter Kuzsnir (Peekay) and a couple of other youtube nutters.

    Powell is English – migrated in the nineties while in his forties and from what I gather has made no useful contribution since arriving. Accusing local councillors of corruption and losing defamation cases doesn’t count. Nothing about him passes the ‘Aussie’ litmus test. I’ve heard him poorly try to fake the accent but it quickly reverts to Londoner. He’s a HOAX Aussie hoaxer! Fortunately, he seems to have gone quiet lately. The regular radio spot he promised hasn’t eventuated and it looks like his YT accounts have disappeared.

    Anyway, I had the chance to visit the States for the first time in July. It was an amazing trip and I met many nice people. I was relieved that in nearly 4 weeks over 6 states, I only came across two hoaxers – an Australian in NYC and in LA, a very wealthy retiree from…Florida.

    Looking forward to more Crisis Actors Guild magic in 2017 (if there’s anything left now to debunk).

    • Shill Murray on January 2, 2017 at 4:49 pm said:

      Thanks, Jane! And a happy New Year to you too.

      So sorry that you’re seemingly stuck with Powell, though it is fascinating to hear about some of his shenanigans in his adopted home. All of this stuff is news to me, though not all that shocking. If Australia is so corrupt, I wonder why he doesn’t do everyone a favor and just return home? I’ve met a number of Australians while traveling abroad, and while they can be a real handful in groups (and I’ll be thrilled if I never have to hear that “Aussie Aussie Aussie” chant again), they’ve all been nice enough people and certainly deserve better.

      In fairness to the good people of Australia, I’ll amend the entry.

      • Lol. I was embarrassed enough about Powell and now you’ve gone and hit me with the ‘oi oi oi’ – could you be any more cruel?

        I’m sending you some docs by email because I think they’re relevant to the topic at hand. I believe they show a history of him publishing malicious lies and point to the kind of persecution complex which is so common among these hoaxers.

        Thanks for the amendment 🙂

        • Shill Murray on January 3, 2017 at 2:58 pm said:

          Sorry. I have nightmares about the chant!

          Yes, please send over the Powell documents, if you don’t mind. I’d love to see them. Maybe if I can compile some more info, I’ll write an entry on him, much like I did with Maria Chang.

  2. Paula Taylor on February 5, 2017 at 2:50 am said:

    IF you have the pictures, just send them to the guy–or better yet–post them. SOOOOOO FAKE!! NO ONE DIED AT SANDY HOAX!!!

    • Shill Murray on February 6, 2017 at 12:59 am said:

      Paula, it’s clear that you’re not all that bright, but are you illiterate? The photos were sent to Wolfgang as well as posted here. As stated – in the article you are commenting on – the photos are available here. Halbig has (obviously) refused to pay, because he is a liar and a con-man.

  3. A. Overstreet on January 3, 2018 at 7:46 am said:

    Good Friends,

    Check out this tie bit:


    A (now former) teacher who was on duty at Sandy Hook Elementary School the day of massacre felt so threatened by hoaxers that he started carrying a firearm on his person. A fellow teacher spotted the firearm, contacted the police, and the teacher was arrested.

    Long way to go to protect oneself when one could have used his huge share of the money from taking part in the hoax to simply hire body guards or move to the next hoax location to await orders…oh wait, the Obama administration would just get him a house for free on Christmas just like they did at Sandy Hook…oh wait, Obama isn’t President anymore…uh, Deep State or Jews or something.


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