I’m at the point where I’ve pretty much stopped asking most Sandy Hook deniers any serious questions, including those that may ultimately prove useful in illustrating the numerous, grievous flaws in their already dubious claims. This is partly due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of them are pathological liars, and I choose not to waste my time with their nonsense. But more so than anything else, it’s because they simply cannot or will not answer them. As an example, ask Wolfgang Halbig why he continues to use such blurry, low-quality copies of Shannon Hick’s infamous evacuation photos in his near-daily rambling, unsolicited e-mails and you’ll be treated to a wall of gibberish that not only fails to even acknowledge the original question, but attempts to cajole you into answering somewhere around fifty of his own. It’s what’s commonly known as a Gish Gallop, and it’s as exhausting as it is intellectually dishonest. But one question I do still ask from time to time – a question no one has attempted to answer as of this writing – is this: if the school closed in 2008, where did its ~633 students go?

That number is taken from Newtown’s own enrollment report for the 2009-2010 school year, as seen here:

From at least 2008 through 2014, Sandy Hook was the busiest (at least in terms of enrollment) of Newtown’s four public elementary schools. At a time when the school is alleged to have been closing its doors due to declining attendance (which is still the case for all of Newtown’s public elementary schools), an imaginary “asbestos infestation”, or some other made-up threat, it had 117 more students than Middle Gate, and a whopping 230 more than Hawley. That’s a lot of students to displace, and while some of them obviously moved on to one of the district’s two intermediate schools, Reed and Newtown Middle School both show a drop in enrollment in between the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 school years:

Admittedly, math has never been my strong suit, but this just doesn’t add up: Sandy Hook deniers want you to believe that 633 students simply vanished into thin air.

Of course the most obvious answer is confirmed by these very same enrollment reports: Sandy Hook Elementary School remained open and 625 students passed through its halls during the 2009-2010 school year, which would be a year after most deniers insist without evidence that the school was closed:

Enrollment reports (all from October, though other months are available) from subsequent years continue to show absolutely no gap ever in operations:

Here’s the report for the 2012-2013 school year, which is when the shooting took place:

As you can see, there were 456 students enrolled at the time. This is especially important because deniers routinely exaggerate this number. For example, on page 25 of his grotesque fiction, “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”, James Fetzer claims that there were 600 students attending Sandy Hook in 2012. That’s 144 more than the reality! And on page 47 of the very same book, he dials that number down to a far more reasonable (yet still incorrect) 469.

And the information gleaned from these reports shines a light on another substantial flaw in the increasingly nonsensical denier narrative: when Sandy Hook School re-opened a short time after the shooting, where did its 432 (according to the January, 2013 enrollment report found here) students come from? Whether you understand the fact that the school was closed for a brief period of time and then relocated to the former Chalk Hill Middle School (and then moved again once construction on the new school was completed in 2016), or you mistakenly believe that it was closed in 2008 and then re-opened at its temporary location in 2013, I think it’s safe to assume that everyone agrees the school has been open and operational since January 3rd, 2013, right? At least I’ve never encountered anyone who has suggested anything to the contrary. So how was the school re-populated? Were the kids brought in from other area schools? Back in December of 2012, there were only 1,151 total students enrolled in the district’s three other elementary schools, so 432 would be somewhere around 38% of Newtown’s K-4 students. And predictably, the enrollment reports (seen above) do not reflect such a monumental change. In fact, the biggest net loss in enrollment at any Newtown elementary school in between December and January of 2012 (besides Sandy Hook) is a whopping one student from Middle Gate. So just a little ways off.

Jeez, that was a lot more math than I was hoping for. I’m sure someone will let me know if I fucked any of it up.

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4 Thoughts on “Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open, Part Fifteen: Sandy Hook School Enrollment For 2008-2017

  1. Shill, sorry bro I was a part of a school shooting in PA in 2003 and I saw proper protocol for such a tragic event. The events at Sandy Hook resemble that of a performance. ( Gene Rosen’s rehearsal vid comes to mind) is it common in your fantasy land to order pizza at the scene of a mass shooting of children? The school shooting I witnessed was a chaotic frenzy,, there was a rush of EMTs, air medics, and raw hysteria. I didn’t see anyone calling Dominos.. I did see a body air lifted out, they didn’t wait til the middle of the night to move the body from the school.

    Bythe way folks always come off legit when they use a fake name.

    Only thing true about you is your name, you disinformation troll.

    • Shill Murray on January 19, 2018 at 12:44 am said:

      Shill, sorry bro I was a part of a school shooting in PA in 2003 and I saw proper protocol for such a tragic event.

      I can only assume you’re talking about the Red Lion Junior High School shooting, in which, somewhere around fifteen minutes before the day’s classes began, a student shot and killed the principal before turning the gun on himself. That’s the only school shooting that I know of that took place in Pennsylvania back in 2003, so if that’s not it, then you’re going to need to be a bit more uh, forthcoming with your information. But if that is indeed the incident you’re referring to, then surely you have to realize that you’re comparing a murder-suicide, which took the lives of two people (including the perpetrator), to what was up until very recently the 2nd worst mass shooting in American history, taking twenty-eight mostly very young lives. The differences in these two cases are pretty staggering.

      As for any part you may have played at Red Lion – and you’ve offered zero proof thus far, so pardon my skepticism – you’re comparing your first-hand experience at a crime scene to what you’ve on TV and YouTube, likely from the safety of your couch or office chair, etc. That’s hardly scientific; of course the two are going to appear vastly different to you, especially if you continue to remain willfully ignorant of what actually happened at Sandy Hook in favor of some goofy conspiracy theories you saw online. So are not blessed with any sort of special insight here.

      Think about this: following your own twisted logic, anyone involved with Sandy Hook – and there are hundreds of them – could just as easily question what happened at Red Lion. I mean they wouldn’t, besides they’re not monsters, but still. I know that when I Google it, I don’t see anyone being air lifted, or a rush of EMTs, etc, so I could also make the claim that I don’t see “proper protocol” being followed, and therefore cast doubt on the entire event.

      Gene Rosen’s rehearsal vid comes to mind

      Again, I can only assume here, and I would have to assume you’re talking about Gene’s video interview with Matt Coyne of The Hour, which is where it was originally published before it was stripped of all context and uploaded all over YouTube. What proof do you have that this video was a “rehearsal”, and why do you think that they would not only film a “rehearsal” video on the day of the shooting, as helicopters hover ahead, but publish said “rehearsal” on their mainstream news site under the guise of an interview? Why would they even need a recorded “rehearsal”? Have you ever asked yourself this stuff?

      is it common in your fantasy land to order pizza at the scene of a mass shooting of children?

      Yes, in my crazy “fantasy land”, human beings require sustenance, regardless of the circumstances, and therefore need to eat at least semi-regularly. So people brought pizzas and water to the firehouse – which was not the scene of a mass shooting, by the way – for the many families waiting there, some of which stayed for hours on end. Jesse Lewis’ father, for instance, showed up shortly after the shooting and stayed there until about 1:30 in the morning. Even those who were lucky enough to be reunited with their children had to wait there for some time. Are they not supposed to eat? This is such an odd thing to focus on. Do you think the fact that the families of those missing in the MH370 crash ate while they waited in a hotel for confirmation from Malaysia Airlines means that they’re also faking it? What about those that camped outside of a collapsed building in Mexico after a 7.1 magnitute earthquake in September, waiting for news of their loved ones? I can provide more examples, if necessary, because I’d really love to know where the line is.

      The school shooting I witnessed was a chaotic frenzy

      And Sandy Hook was not a “chaotic frenzy” based on what? The witness statements included in the final report certainly seem to paint it that way. At least that’s how Paramedic Bernie Meehan referred to it in his police interview. Same goes Trooper Slaiby, who described a “chaotic scene”. And they were actually there. So what evidence do you have to the contrary?

      there was a rush of EMTs, air medics, and raw hysteria.

      Again, what is this based on? What evidence do you have to support your claim that no “raw hysteria”? How do you even define it? And if you’re referring to the fact that EMTs were initially kept from entering the building, surely you understand that this is because the school was still considered a “hot zone” at that time, as police didn’t believe the school was safe for them to enter. If you want to talk about “proper protocol”, that’s proper protocol. The same thing happened at Columbine, which I know that at least Wolfgang Halbig believes to be a legitimate shooting. There, emergency crews waited outside of the school for nearly an hour while a teacher lay dying. Aurora and Pulse are two more examples, but let me guess: those weren’t real either, right?

      I didn’t see anyone calling Dominos.. I did see a body air lifted out, they didn’t wait til the middle of the night to move the body from the school.

      In regards to the Red Lion shooting, the principal was first rushed to the hospital, which is where he was declared dead. Most of Adam Lanza’s victims were pronounced dead at the scene as they had received injuries “not compatible with life”. This is well-documented, so I’m not sure why it’s still an issue. The few that were injured – or those clinging to life – were then rushed to nearby Danbury Hospital, which is less than twelve miles away. Ambulences were already on the scene, so that’s how they were transported. Helicopters are not always used in active shooter scenarios. Again, two very different situations here, so it doesn’t make a lick of sense to compare them apples-to-apples. As for waiting until “the middle of the night” to move the bodies, again, this is proper protocol: the victims needed to be assigned an arbitrary number, then an OCME case number, and then fully documented (that includes complete written and photographic documentation) before they could be moved to the portable tent. With twenty-seven bodies in the school, all of which need to be processed in this manner, this obviously took some time. This is how it works. This is the proper protocol.

      Bythe way folks always come off legit when they use a fake name.

      The people who don’t believe I’m legitimate would do so regardless; my name has nothing to do with it. But in using an alias, I’m able to shield myself from the stalking, and harassment that deniers routinely participate in.

      Only thing true about you is your name, you disinformation troll.

      Aw man, I thought we were bros! And now you’re using the satirical name that I chose for myself against me? Ouch!

  2. John Cena on April 26, 2018 at 7:11 am said:

    Lol Shill. You were proven wrong in court you fccking nazi.

    • Shill Murray on May 18, 2018 at 3:39 pm said:

      Can I first take a minute to talk about how hilarious it is that you chuckleheads can’t decide if I’m a “jew” or a “nazi”? All for researching a mass shooting. It’s really something.

      Anyway, I’ll bite: which court case and what, exactly, was I proven wrong about? I can only assume this is in reference to Lenny Pozner’s civil case against Wolfgang Halbig, but I would of course love to know how that proves me wrong about anything.

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