This one’s a tad bit late as it actually originates with a comment left all the way back in January. There’s no good reason for the delay in bringing it to the front page, I’ve just been very lazy. Sorry! Anyway, Stew writes:

Sir, can you completely debunk the latest nonsense Fetzer’s peddling here:

Sir? How fancy! Assuredly undeserved but thank you, Stew!

For those of you who would rather not subject yourselves to Jimmy Fetzer’s putrid site, I’ll summarize the nonsense in question:

According to disgraced former attorney (and inspiration for the Dutch Boy paint mascot) Alison “Sunny” Maynard (aka Sonja Mullerin), six year-old Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner couldn’t possibly have died in the shooting because there’s no burial permit. And there never was! Case closed!

While it takes her a painfully long time to get there, here’s how Alison/”Sunny”/Sonja came to such a bold conclusion:

In a second FOIA I asked for the identity of the sexton for this cemetery in Dec. 2012 and Jan. 2013. The clerk acknowledged receipt of both requests but has not produced any records. Under Connecticut’s Freedom of Information law responsive documents are required to be provided within four days of the request; otherwise, the request is taken as denied. So both my requests have been denied, which can only mean one thing: the records do not exist. They were never created. Thus, there was no permit for the burial of Noah Pozner. That means there was no burial.

Emphasis mine because that is one hell of a leap.

Of course it would be a bit of a pain if not downright impossible to confirm whether or not these requests were ever actually denied (and no such proof is ever offered), so I guess we’ll just have to take Alison’s word for it, much in the same way we’ll just have to believe that “they” were willing to fabricate Noah’s death certificate as well as erect a tombstone for a body that doesn’t exist at B’nai Israel Cemetery, but couldn’t bother to print up a fake burial permit. While that may be good enough for the remaining consumers of Fetzer’s pap (even after he had his entire book dunked on by not only me but Dane County Circuit Court) those of us who recognize bullshit when we smell it can easily put Maynard’s claims to the test, just as long as we have one buck and a stamp… which I do! Or at least I did. And sure enough, look what I received in the mail:

Plot information censored by me for what should be obvious reasons.

So what the hell happened here? Why was it so easy to obtain a document “Sunny” flat-out claimed never existed? Maybe Maynard/Mullerin didn’t want to spend the dollar fee? You’d think with all of the money she’s saved over the years by cutting her own hair that she’d have plenty of it. The only other possibilities that I can think of are that she’s A) a shameless liar who foolishly believed no one would bother to check her work or B) a totally incompetent “researcher”. Although those are not mutually exclusive, so maybe it’s both! It’s probably both. We are talking about one of Fetzer’s cronies here, after all.

One Thought on “Noah Pozner’s Burial Permit

  1. David on May 28, 2020 at 2:59 pm said:

    I have an old college friend of many years who has slipped into the Sandy Hook denier camp. At first it was a bit of a goof going back and forth with his “evidence” and countering all of it. But as it became more and more clear that he truly believes the whole thing was staged (along with a dozen other shootings) it has simply become sad and tiresome, and it is difficult to even maintain the friendship.

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