One of the more pervasive zombie myths still being propagated by the Sandy Hook denialist cult is the lie that Sandy Hook Elementary School quietly closed in 2008 and was therefore empty when Adam Lanza (who may or may not have even existed, depending on which wackadoo you’re dealing with) carried out his deadly attack on December 14th, 2012. This alleged closure was so quiet, in fact, that not a single local media outlet covered it.

This absurd fantasy seems to have originated with professional conspiracy theorist James Fetzer, a bloated carny who has been supplementing his retirement income with a series of increasingly insane (and lazy, based on the fact that nearly every word in “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” was lifted from a pre-existing blog entry) books declaring everything that has ever happened – from the moon landing to the Boston Marathon bombing – to be an elaborate fake. And despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary (including numerous photographs depicting a bustling school, years worth of PTA meeting minutes, school facilities surveys, news articles, job listings, etc.), Fetzer has seemingly based this outrageous claim entirely on a combination of outdated information and a total – and possibly intentional, though that may be giving him too much credit – misunderstanding of how the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine functions. That’s it.

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Part I: “Early Indications Something Was Wrong”

Chapter One: “Medical Examiner: More Questions Than Answers” by James Tracy

Chapter Two: “Six Signs Sandy Hook Elementary School Was Closed” by “Dr. Eowyn”

Chapter Three: “Wolfgang Halbig Goes For The Jugular In His FOIA Hearing” by James Fetzer

Chapter Four: “Shannon Hicks Denies Staging Her ‘Iconic’ Photograph”

Part II: “How We Know Sandy Hook Was An Illusion”

Chapter Five: “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook Was An Elaborate Hoax” by Vivian Lee

Chapter Six: “Even Obama Officials Confirmed That It Was A Drill” by James Fetzer

Chapter Seven: “Fixing A Prop: Furnishing The Lanza Home” by Allan William Powell (with Kelley Watt)

Chapter Eight: “Setting The Stage: Refurbishing The School” by Allan William Powell

Part III: “Futher Proof Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”

Chapter Nine: “No One Died At Sandy Hook: The Social Security Death Index” by “Dr. Eowyn”

Chapter Ten: “Sandy Hook: CT Crime Data Confirms FBI Report” by James Fetzer and “Dr. Eowyn”

Chapter Eleven: “Are Sandy Hook Skeptics Delusional With ‘Twisted Minds’?” by James Fetzer and Kelley Watt

Chapter Twelve: “Every Grain Of Sandy Hook: & Plausible Deniability” by Sterling Harwood


Epilogue: “The Nexus Of Tyranny: Tuscon, Aurora And Sandy Hook” by Dennis Cimino


Afterword: “Sandy Hook: Analogies With The 7/7 London Bombings” by Nick Kollerstrom


Appendix A: “The FEMA Manual For The Sandy Hook Drill”

Appendix B: “The 20 Children And Their Homes” by Nick Kollerstrom

Appendix C: “Sandy Hook School Massacre Timeline” by James Tracy

Appendix D: “Comparing Murder And Homicide Rates Before And After Gun Bans”

“Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”
Chapter Three
By: James Fetzer

This chapter is simply a rehash of Wolfgang Halbig’s embarrassing presentation to the Connecticut Freedom of Information Committee during his first FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) hearing, which CW Wade of Sandy Hook Facts summarized thusly:

Wolfgang Halbig’s spent about $20,000 raised through his charity, Sandy Hook Justice, for two days worth of hearings. He was awarded no documents and the majority of his complaints where dismissed in their entirety.  It should also be noted that the documents Halbig obtained at a cost of  about $20,000, Sandy Hook Facts obtained for under $100.


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Let’s say – and this strictly hypothetical here, so please don’t get offended – that you’re a Sandy Hook denier, also known as a Sandy Hook hoaxer. Maybe you’re a lifelong conspiracy crank looking for your next hustle, or maybe you just don’t want to believe what took place that day actually happened (which is, in a way, perfectly understandable), but you’re having a very difficult time coming up for an alternate explanation for something so many people experienced firsthand and so many more saw play out in the media. And while it barely makes any sense whatsoever, the story you ultimately bet the farm on involves Mossad death squads a FEMA “Active Shooter” drill taking place at an abandoned school. But there’s a problem: there isn’t really any evidence that supports your claim. Not only does FEMA not host “Active Shooter” drills (let alone at abandoned schools), but this imaginary drill does not appear anywhere on their calendar. So what do you do? You fake it. It’s so easy, a Florida scumbag could do it!

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“Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”
Appendix C
By: James Tracy

At 108 poorly written pages (nearly a quarter of the book!) and comprised almost entirely of out-of-context snippets from mainstream news articles presented in roughly chronological order, disgraced former college professor Jame Tracy’s second contribution to this shitpile – and likely one of the major contributing factors to his dismissal from Florida Atlantic University – still manages to stand out as being the laziest entry in a book full of chapters that were literally copied verbatim from old blog posts. That’s pretty impressive!

Since he doesn’t editorialize much, I’m a bit confused as to what crybaby James Tracy believes actually happened at Sandy Hook. Based on this chapter appendix, I can only infer that he subscribes to a multiple shooter theory… though he also appears to simultaneously accept the “FEMA drill” narrative. And that’s probably for the best, because titling your book (seriously, this is the whole title) “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control” doesn’t leave a lot of room for competing hypotheses, does it?

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As we’ve seen a number of times already, deniers gave gotten a lot of mileage out of not understanding how the Internet works. The net result of this ignorance is usually a claim that a website memorializing one (if not all) of the Sandy Hook victims appeared either before or too soon after December 14th, 2012. An ugly variation of this claim incorrectly states that The Avielle Richman Foundation – named for one of the child victims and established by her parents – was founded on the day of the shooting. It makes an appearance in “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”, courtesy of the very anti-Semitic Nick Kollerstrom in Appendix B:

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“Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”
Appendix B
By: Nick Kollerstrom

I’m not sure why these six pages are included as a second appendix rather than another chapter, but bizarre choices such as this are the least of this book’s problems.

Kollerstrom didn’t have a whole lot of success in his previous outing, completely whiffing on just about every goofy claim that drizzled out of his fingertips, so let’s see if he fares any better here. It’s unlikely he can do much worse, so there’s that.

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“Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”
By: Nick Kollerstrom

“No-one has been able to get into the Sandy Hook elementary school to verify if there are any bullet-marks, bloodstains etc” pg. 209

No one! Well, except for police, EMS personnel, and parents of the victims. Surely Nick Kollerstrom can’t be surprised that an elementary school where twenty-six people – including 20 five and six year-old children – were violently murdered was not open for public tours… right?

Regardless, if he really wants to see the bullet marks and bloodstains (and he doesn’t, otherwise he would have), he can simply reference the following pages in Detective Arthur Walkley’s crime scene photos:

Bullet marks/damage: 54-61, 404-431, 448-454, 513, 622-624, 626-630
Blood: 71, 73, 365, 386, 392, 393, 428, 457, 473, 475, 495, 622-624, 626, 627, 636, 643, 663, and 665

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