With what will surely be known as one of the most baffling, awful years in recent history finally coming to a merciful end, I figured I’d wrap things up with a (very) short list of the 2016’s biggest cowards, at least according to me, and presented in no particular order:
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“Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”
Chapter Seven
By: Allan Powell and Kelley Watt

Let’s say you’re the kind of person who enjoys magic shows. So you gather up the family one Friday night and head on down to the… well, wherever it is a magician would perform. You splurge a bit on front row tickets and take your seat, excited for a night of family-friendly entertainment. The magician finally takes the stage and kicks the night off by pulling a rabbit out of his hat. It’s an old trick, but the kids are impressed and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves anyway. The magician then spends the next hour and a half repeatedly performing the very same trick, pulling the same rabbit out of the same hat, over and over and over again. You’d be pretty pissed, right? Because that’s the situation we find ourselves in with Fetzer and his crew pulling the same dumb trick yet again: presenting photos out of order as well as out of context.

The structure for this chapter’s debunk is going to be a little different: rather than break it down on a claim-by-claim basis, I’m going to address a page or multiple pages at a time, highlighting certain areas. It’ll be much easier to follow if you not only have a copy of Fetzer’s book (which I certainly hope you didn’t pay for) as well as the files available through Connecticut’s final report, which I will be referencing frequently.

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If we ignore our better judgment and continue to treat the wild-eyed conspiracy theorists, con-men, and criminals who make up the Sandy Hook denialist cult with a level of respect that they have neither earned nor deserve by limiting our look at the school itself to the years of 2008 through 2012 – years that these total whackadoos, without so much as a whiff of actual evidence, falsely contend that the school was closed – we find yet another point of interest in the numerous glass display cases found in the school’s lobby area; somewhere in between 3-6 of them at a time throughout the years. Most of these cases were tall, vertical cabinets, located just inside of the main entrance, usually along the large front window Adam Lanza used to gain entry into the school. There was also a museum-like table display, which was moved around from time to time, depending on what was being featured. Lastly, there was a large display built into the wall at the corner of the lobby, in between the office and the west hallway. What these items have in common – besides the obvious, of course – is that in photographs published in the Newtown Bee, the Newtown Patch, as well as on the school’s website (all of which are included below), we can see their contents change time and time again, providing even more evidence of normal student activity inside of the school. Unless, of course, you somehow still believe that mystery agents spent four years meticulously and realistically decorating and furnishing a building (with up-to-date magazines for parents, brand new children’s books, thousands and thousands of dollars worth of cutting-edge technology, and of course pizza) that, according to James Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, Maria Hsia Chang – the usual cast of clowns – was “infested with asbestos” and being used exclusively for storage. And all for the benefit of some photographs most people will never see.
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For some context, please see this post by CW Wade over at Sandy Hook Facts.


I recently saw a video in which you made a number of ridiculous, patently false claims regarding the Sandy Hook shooting and its aftermath. A number of these claims revolved around the availability (or alleged lack thereof, I suppose) of the victims death certificates. These claims are nothing new and were debunked years ago, so I was a bit surprised when I discovered that this video was relatively new. As a self-professed reporter (and please correct me if you have any sort of formal training in this field) affiliated with a popular Internet “news” program, I would have guessed that you would be a bit embarrassed by this misstep and eager to correct your mistake once you learned the facts, but apparently that is not the case. As of today, it doesn’t appear as if you have issued a retraction. It’s almost as if you’re not actually interested in the truth. Again, please correct me if anything I’m saying here is off-base. After all, this is just hearsay.

So what I’d like to do is extend a challenge to you: I – as a private citizen – will attempt to order a yet-to-be-determined number of the victims death certificates, from the town of Newtown, at $20 a piece. You have made the claim that this is impossible; a “felony”, I believe it is you said. If I am successful, you must donate the cost of those certificates (again, $20 for each one ordered) to the charity of my choosing. For example, if I successfully order and receive five death certificates from Newtown, then you are to donate $100. If I fail, I will donate a $300 flat fee to the charity of your choosing. And if you’re not a particularly charitable guy, I’ll even allow *ahem* “legal funds”, such as the one Wolfgang Halbig claims to have started for Jonathan Reich. Of course, if you are right and obtaining these death certificates is a felony, you won’t receive any money… because I will be in jail.

So what say you? Are you brave enough to put your money where your mouth is? Will you man up, accept the truth (which I fully understand isn’t as attractive to your audience), and issue a retraction (unlikely as I don’t believe InfoWars has ever issued a single one)? Or will you do what I fully expect of you and ignore this altogether? The latter certainly wouldn’t surprise me as Wolfgang Halbig has owed me $1,000 for months after I called his bluff and accepted (and met) one of his challenges. He won’t even respond to my e-mails at this point. Speaking of Wolfgang, are you sure that this is the kind of guy you want to get your information from? He’s barely literate and a known, exposed liar. You may want to look into the time he wanted to purchase dowsing rods for an entire school district, believing they would help him locate guns and drugs. James Randi ultimately had to talk some sense into him. Or look into the time he claimed to be Martin Luther King Jr.’s personal driver. That one’s a real hoot.

I’ll be posting this letter on my blog (feel free to check it out if you’re into actual research) and while I won’t hold my breath, I certainly do hope you will consider taking me up on my challenge. It’s a great opportunity to expose the truth – the real truth – and raise some money for charity. I am a man of my word and will do whatever is necessary to make good on my end of the deal.


Shill Murray (not my real name, BTW)

Perhaps, maybe for the first time in this site’s ten month history, I rushed a post. “Debunking Claims Made About The Child Victims Of Sandy Hook”, to be specific (thought I still recommend you read that one first). While it still took me a handful of days to get everything just the way I wanted it (larger entries – such as the full chapter debunks – can take me weeks), the end result would have been significantly better had I waited just a little while longer.
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Unlike the intellectually dishonest chickenshits in charge of nearly every denialist echo chamber out there, I have always allowed visitors to post contrarian opinions here in the comments section, just as long as they don’t repeatedly make claims without providing evidence (I can’t do all the work for you lazy idiots) or fail the Shill Challenge (the rules of which are actually quite simple: if you’re going to forego an actual discussion and skip right to accusing me of being a “shill”, prove it and I’ll donate $300 to Wolfgang Halbig’s retirement legal fund. Fail and your baseless accusations will be deleted, and your IP banned). There are two major benefits to allowing these comments to stay, in my opinion: 1) I get to address a legitimate question or concern from an actual, honest (if not a bit misguided) truth-seeker who may have somehow gotten caught up in the copious amounts of denier garbage currently clogging up the Internet’s tubes, or 2) I get to publicly humiliate another brain-dead assgoblin who mistakenly believes that they’ve found yet another home for their watery bullshit. Our new friend “Shelley” of Monroe, Louisiana falls into the latter camp.

Commenting on Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open, Part Five: Dawn Hochsprung’s Twitter Feed, Shelley barely manages to string the following words together:

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The preposterous claim – which has since become denier canon – that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed in 2008 due to non-existent “asbestos contamination” is not based on any actual evidence, but has been made solely out of convenience. Trying to explain how in the world President Obama or FEMA or the lizard people could successfully pull off a convincing phony school shooting in an abandoned school is tricky enough, but trying to solve how they could perform such a feat in a bustling elementary school, full of hundreds and hundreds of children, is infinitely more so. But whether it’s four years or four days, Sandy Hook deniers have flat-out failed to produce even one iota of proof in the three and a half years since the shooting. This is indisputable.

Meanwhile, there exists a truly impressive amount of evidence to the contrary, further re-enforcing the incredibly obvious: Sandy Hook Elementary School was (of course) open and fully operational on December 14th, 2012, when Adam Lanza shot his way into the school and murdered twenty-six people. The school was not shuttered in 2008 (nor 2009, 2010, etc), and those who continue to insist that it was are either liars, out to make a quick buck; the mentally ill; or gullible ignoramuses. But at least there’s a glimmer of hope for the latter, and that’s one of the big reasons that this series of entries – and even this site itself – exists.

As explored in “Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open, Part Ten: 95 More Photos From Sandy Hook School”,  media outlets that typically cover the Newtown area – particularly The Newtown Bee – have written about Sandy Hook Elementary literally hundreds upon hundreds of times since the school was built in 1956. And between the Bee, the Danbury Newstimes, the CT Post, and the Newtown Patch, there have been over one hundred and ninety-five articles written about the school between the years of 2008 and 2012 alone. There are likely many more, but digging through The Newtown Bee’s archives for the appropriate material proved to be a bit cumbersome, so these results are not comprehensive. Still, in what should come as a shock to absolutely no one, none of these articles paint a picture anything other than an active, functional elementary school, regularly attended by hundreds of children. Not a single one of them alludes to the school being closed, even temporarily (beyond the expected winter and summer breaks). Not one! The CT Post wrote about the end of Monroe’s Chalk Hill Middle School (which – as an actual abandoned school – acted as the temporary home for Sandy Hook’s students), and New Jersey’s Marlton Sun recently wrote about the impending closure of the Florence V. Evans Elementary School in EveshamThe Newtown Bee even covered Newtown’s discussions regarding possibly closing Newtown Middle School back in 2011. So if the school was in fact closed (and it wasn’t), then why isn’t there a single article anywhere detailing the last days of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown? I mean, I know the answer.

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The nonsensical Sandy Hook denier narrative – wholly invented and peddled (quite literally, via autographed books, endless panhandling fundraising drives, and advertising revenue) by lunatics such as Wolfgang Halbig, James Fetzer, James Tracy, and Maria Chang – is one that aggressively defies all logic and reason. It requires us to believe that the United States government was able to successfully (at least in the minds of 99.99% of the world’s population) engineer an enormous, sprawling drama, involving hundreds if not thousands of fiercely loyal, silent conspirators and co-conspirators, simply to pass some limp-dicked local gun legislation, while simultaneously refusing to accept the idea that a mentally-ill twenty year-old obsessed with school shootings and with easy, unrestricted access to powerful assault weapons could shoot up an elementary school. It also requires us to believe that those same criminal masterminds possess the nearly endless resources required to pull off such a feat (which includes buying nearly everyone in Newtown a house apparently), but need to continually re-use their “actors” in vastly different “roles”. For instance, we’re told – presumably with a straight face – that Sandy Hook parent David Wheeler also needed to “play” an FBI agent. And as I learned the other day, veteran medical examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver even had to direct traffic at the entrance to Dickinson Drive. Why would this be necessary when Newtown has a fully capable volunteer fire and rescue company? And why would he allow himself to be photographed this way by a member of the complicit mainstream media? Trust me, these are not the kinds of questions deniers like to answer.

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