There are so many unbelievably disingenuous claims in this sad and ugly book that it’s actually rather difficult to choose one as the most egregious, but just about everything on page 32 can be considered a serious contender.

Here is how contributor “Dr. Eowyn” aka Maria Hsia Chang (who maintains on her own crank website where she frequently writes about Sandy Hook as well as the idea that Barack Obama is secretly gay) describes the state of the classrooms and hallways at Sandy Hook Elementary School on page 32 of “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”. I’ve highlighted the relevant bit and cropped out everything else. I’ve also added the location of the source photos (in Walkley’s scene photos, available as part of the official report, included in the “22 Assorted Files” archive):

“Classrooms and hallways were used for storage, jammed with furniture and office supplies. If those rooms and hallways were actually in an operational school, then SHES was in clear violation of the fire safety code.” pg. 32

I want to start out by discussing the bottom photo first, which “Dr. Eoywn” (erroneously) claims is of a hallway being used as “storage”. Firstly, it’s important to note that Walkley’s scene photos are presented in chronological order and there are 760 total pages which places this particular photo, found on page 759, very far along in the investigation process. An almost identical photo, taken of the same area at around the same time, can be seen on page 953 (of 970) of Tranquilo’s back up scene photos #2 (also included in the “22 Assorted Files” archive). Just like Walkley’s photos, Tranquilo’s are also in chronological order.

Here is a much larger, far more readable version of the photo taken from Walkley’s scene photos – the one that “Dr. Eowyn” presented entirely out of context – with some annotations provided by me to act as reference points. Again, this is page 759 of 760. As is the case with all of the photos here, you can click to enlarge in a new tab:

From this perspective, the odd numbered rooms are on the left and the even numbered rooms are on the right, with the numbers ascending as they get closer to the lobby. I’ve labeled the height markers that were posted on the lower half of the wall between rooms #3 and #5 as well as the “Warm up to a good story” display between rooms #10 and #12, for further reference.

A blue tarp has been hung between the lobby and hallway while red biohazard bags can be seen on the floor between rooms #10 and #12. Some of the other items here can also be seen in earlier photos: white and blue portable storage racks, like the one seen on the very right, can be seen in Walkley’s scene photos, pages 161-162 (in room #10, which is Victoria Soto’s 1st grade classroom). They can also be seen in Tranquilo’s back up scene photos 1, on pages 167 and 200. Those same photos also show what are likely the same two desk chairs (as well as accompanying computer desk) seen on the left.

Here is the view seen above, represented on Sandy Hook’s floor plan:

And here’s what that hallway actually looked like on December 14th, 2012, not long after the shooting took place. This is page 88 of the Walkley scene photos, cropped slightly in order to make it look more like the photo on page 759. Walkley took that photo while standing between rooms #6 and #8 (or rooms #3 and #5), and this photo was taken a little further away from the lobby, between rooms #4 and #6 (or room #3 and the hallway). You can see the height markers between rooms #3 and #5. I’ve also circled one of Adam Lanza’s clips on the floor and placed a yellow star right around where the photograph on page 759 would have been taken. Mary Sherlach’s body can be seen in the distance:

Visible on the floor by room #5 is SWAT gear (including a helmet), a LifePak 15 defibrillator/monitor, an EMT’s backpack, and a bag containing MCI (mass-casualty incident) equipment. Here’s a closer look at it from page 70 of Tranquillo’s back-up scene photos 1. Again, I’ve marked the height markers between rooms #3 and #5, circled the cartridge, and marked where Walkley would have been standing when taking the picture used by “Dr. Eowyn”:

It should be obvious at this point that the photo used by “Dr. Eowyn” was taken while these rooms were being emptied out, their contents temporarily stored in the hallway, so that investigators could continue their work inside of the rooms, unobstructed. An example of this can be seen in Walkley’s scene photos, pages 563-574, as well as Tranquillo’s back up scene photos 2, pages 151-152, which show a nearly empty room #8. This is corroborated by CFS 1200704597, 00118939.pdf:

And just in case the above was not enough, here’s a photo from Sandy Hook’s 2011-2012 scrapbook, which shows this exact hallway as it was on January 23rd, 2012. There are no boxes, chairs, or bags to be found:

With all of the above in mind, there can be no question that the hallways were not used for storage. “Dr. Eowyn” and James Fetzer presented these photos out of order. With a reported nine researchers collaborating on this book (including five alleged PhDs), what’s the more likely explanation: that this book was so poorly researched and edited that such an obvious error slipped right by every last one of them or that you’re being lied to?

But what about the “jammed” classroom shown at the top of that same page? Not surprisingly, this one has a similar explanation: intentional deception on the part of “Dr. Eowyn” and ultimately James Fetzer (as this is his book).

What the book doesn’t mention is that this is a picture of room #6, which was the special education classroom. The picture is taken from Walkley’s scene photos, page 249. “Dr. Eowyn” purposely chose a picture of the most cluttered area, located at the back of the room, by the teacher’s desk. Other photos of the same room show that there was plenty of room to run a class. In fact, here’s a composite that I created using those pictures, found on pages 249-251 from Walkley’s scene photos. These are the three photos that come directly after the one “Dr. Eowyn” used, so they can’t claim that they didn’t see them:

Not really as described, is it? Unfortunately for “Dr. Eowyn”, the second composite that I created using four photos taken from the other side of the room, just inside the door (Walkley’s scene photos, pages 244-247), make the room look even less cluttered:

You can see in both composites that there is absolutely no fire hazard here as “Dr. Eowyn” claims. There is a clear, unobstructed path to the door. Furthermore, personal affects, including jackets and water bottles, can be seen everywhere in both pictures. There even appears to be coffee brewing to the left of the previous composite photo as well as a December, 2012 calendar just right of center. Overall, there’s plenty of evidence here that this was indeed an active classroom and school.

So what we’re left with are three distinct possibilities, listed here in order of probability (in my opinion, of course):

  1. “Dr. Eowyn” and James Fetzer intentionally and disingenuously presented photos out of order and out of context in order to create a false narrative and sell some books.
  2. Despite having access to the same exact sources that I did while debunking this claim, “Dr. Eowyn” still managed to make an enormous and embarrassing mistake that went undetected by James Fetzer and his team of researchers.
  3. The Sandy Hook shooting was a very elaborate hoax and the uninhabited school, which had been in use as storage for four years, was made to look like a legitimate crime scene for the sole benefit of crime scene photos that A) included a large number of incriminating photos, B) were presented in reverse order, and C) were made available to the public. Additionally, the scene would have had to have been staged in such a way that it looked authentic, with notebooks and papers scattered, seasonal decorations hung, and personal affects (including water bottles and fresh coffee) strewn about.

Read more about “Dr. Eowyn” aka Maria Hsia Chang here: Who Writes This Shit? Who Is “Dr. Eowyn”?

6 Thoughts on “Fact Checking “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”, Page 32

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  2. Sharon on January 15, 2017 at 2:11 am said:

    You are sadly mistaken and I will tell you why. The picture with the stored items in the hall (I know what this is for as I am a school custodian for 14 years) has a bell on the wall on the top left. Your second picture does not have a bell.
    I think the bio hazard tarp is up due to some kind of work being done such as asbestos checking or removal. A worker does that when they are testing, we had it at our school. The classroom belongings were carefully put there by a custodian so that they can still get up and down the hall with floor cleaning equipment.
    I think this school was shut down and kept partially open so they could take photos with children there to make a back story for this hoax operation. Yes these are done on a big budget and timeline, its equivalent to producing a movie.

    • Shill Murray on January 15, 2017 at 3:25 am said:

      Are you brain-dead? Or blind? The bell is clearly visible in both photos, located on the wall in between rooms 5 and 7 (which I had labeled for this very reason). I’ve highlighted the bell in each photo you for in the composite below:

      You’re obviously looking at the space in between rooms 3 and 5, and believing it to be the area in between rooms 5 and 7, so I’m afraid that it’s you who are mistaken. What do you think they did: remove the bell while staging the school? What would that even accomplish? Do people like you ever think about this stuff?

      I think the bio hazard tarp is up due to some kind of work being done such as asbestos checking or removal.

      It’s not a “bio hazard tarp”; it’s a regular tarp. They don’t use one sheet of blue poly tarp – all while leaving classroom doors wide open – while removing asbestos. Don’t be absurd.

      The classroom belongings were carefully put there by a custodian so that they can still get up and down the hall with floor cleaning equipment.

      Once again, you are entirely incorrect. These materials were removed from classrooms 8 and 10 and placed there – in the hallway – by police. As mentioned in the article, this information is included in the final report (CFS 1200704597, 00118939.pdf):

      No offense, but I find these materials, which contain the statements of dozens of veteran officers, to be much more convincing than the delusions of an anonymous janitor, especially one capable of making a mistake as elementary as the one seen above.

    • Nothing_33 on August 11, 2018 at 12:29 am said:

      Sharon, It’s protocol to photograph crime scenes before and after altering it. In this instance, they began documenting and photographing with the rooms the way they were found. After the processing was finished and the rough sketches were drawn, they began emptying out the rooms. First with the victims, then the suspect, then furniture etc leaving behind ballistic evidence found on the ground. This is when they would’ve done trajectory analysis, spatter and further spatter analysis that couldn’t be completed with everything in their way. They would’ve confirmed the room’s measurements etc as well.

      What is seen in the hallway is everything that had been emptied out of the rooms after to first processing stage was complete. From other photos you can see orange biohazard stickers and even a red biohazard bag.

      The same claim was made in their book regarding Adam’s bedroom. First it’s neat and orderly. Now it’s a mess. The claim I believe is pre and post staging. When it’s really pre/current and post scene processing.

      Just google “crime scene processing protocols” or even “crime scene text books pdf”.
      Scene processing is actually a really long arduous process. Here, I’ll help you out.

  3. This is the best SHES shooting debunk blog I’ve ever found. Your presentation of the facts is very clear and absolutely crushes the delusions of the psychos who have come too far to admit they are wrong now. Please keep this up.

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