The nonsensical Sandy Hook denier narrative – wholly invented and peddled (quite literally, via autographed books, endless panhandling fundraising drives, and advertising revenue) by lunatics such as Wolfgang Halbig, James Fetzer, James Tracy, and Maria Chang – is one that aggressively defies all logic and reason. It requires us to believe that the United States government was able to successfully (at least in the minds of 99.99% of the world’s population) engineer an enormous, sprawling drama, involving hundreds if not thousands of fiercely loyal, silent conspirators and co-conspirators, simply to pass some limp-dicked local gun legislation, while simultaneously refusing to accept the idea that a mentally-ill twenty year-old obsessed with school shootings and with easy, unrestricted access to powerful assault weapons could shoot up an elementary school. It also requires us to believe that those same criminal masterminds possess the nearly endless resources required to pull off such a feat (which includes buying nearly everyone in Newtown a house apparently), but need to continually re-use their “actors” in vastly different “roles”. For instance, we’re told – presumably with a straight face – that Sandy Hook parent David Wheeler also needed to “play” an FBI agent. And as I learned the other day, veteran medical examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver even had to direct traffic at the entrance to Dickinson Drive. Why would this be necessary when Newtown has a fully capable volunteer fire and rescue company? And why would he allow himself to be photographed this way by a member of the complicit mainstream media? Trust me, these are not the kinds of questions deniers like to answer.

The David Wheeler nonsense has been addressed here (and elsewhere) before, but I have to admit that the claim regarding Dr. Carver is completely new to me. I encountered it for the very first time just the other day on the “Sandy Hook Hoaxers Are Not Bright” Facebook page, where an absolute peach by the name of “Janice Anderson” boldly stated the following (and please ignore the fact that she believes David Wheeler’s name is actually “Dan”):

As previously stated, I had never heard this one before. Believe it or not, I don’t spend much if any time on conspiracy blogs because they honestly make my brain hurt, so much of what I write about here comes from interactions like one.

Since Janice’s claim was completely new to me, I hadn’t seen the photograph in question. And since dopes like Janice almost never include the material they’re referencing, I asked her what she was going on about. After a bit of prodding, she finally provided the following:

Now it should be obvious to those of us not suffering from Fregoli delusion that this face – even as it is mostly obscured by a shadows, sunglasses, and a hat – does not belong to Dr. H. Wayne Carver. Hell, neither does the body, as Carver is an enormous mountain of a man, as demonstrated in the following photo:

But of course saying “no, that’s not him, and these two people don’t even look all that much alike” is never enough for people like Janice, even though it’s the exact tactic they most often employ. Instead, you’re forced to do the research that they won’t. And that’s exactly what I did. Again.

The first thing I did was locate the original photograph, since deniers aren’t all that fond of sourcing their material. As it turns out, the above is a cropped and then enlarged version of the following photograph, taken by AP photographer Frank Becarra, Jr.:

I was also able to find another photo of the same man taken on the same day, this time on Getty Images:

These original, unedited version makes it much more clear that this is not Dr. Carver… unless you think everyone with a white beard is the same person, in which case someone ought to seriously look into Kenny Rogers’s whereabouts that morning. But who is it? Who is this mysterious man directing traffic while wearing a bright green “Fire Police” cap? Well, it may shock you to your very core to learn that this man is actually a member of Newtown’s Fire Police force. Now who can say they saw that one coming?

Looking through some of Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue’s photos, I noticed this picture of a man who bore a uh, uncanny resemblance to the man seen directing traffic:

This man’s name is Karl Sieling Sr., and back in December of 2012, he was Newtown’s Chief of Fire Police, having worked for the department for nearly fourteen years. Here’s a picture of him – wait for it – directing traffic at Sandy Hook’s LobsterFest 2011:


Notice he’s wearing the same exact sunglasses in all three photos. Also notice that he is of average or even below average height, a stark contrast from hulking Dr. Carver.

Here’s one last photo, taken from Karl’s Facebook page, for a closer look at his facial features:

Same exact nose, same exact beard, and again, same exact sunglasses.

Karl’s identity has even been confirmed by a friend, posting on the message board:

I see my friend Karl here, being accused of being the weird coroner guy.

THIS is the fireman you’re seeing in the pictures… Karl Sieling Sr.

He’s the Chief of Fire Police. It’s his job to direct traffic, while the police are too busy doing other things, like investigating the shooting of 26 children and adult women. He’s an ex Newtown cop and is EXTREMELY active in the Newtown community, as far as doing charity work, benefits, public speaking, etc. He’s also a devoted Constitutionalist and couldn’t be more against our current government administration.

And he’s no actor.

So, after already having seen the Phelps’ and the Robbie Parker interview, and then seeing Karl being brought into this… It got my conspiracy minded brain thinking. I started thinking to myself, “What the fuck. What’s true now? What’s bullshit and what’s true? Because THIS certainly isn’t true!”

So, I contacted Karl and told him what I was seeing. It was news to him, to find out he was part of some crazy conspiracy. Not only did it piss him off, but it also got him worried. Not only worried that his name is being passed around in a negative way… But also worried that this whole story itself, was getting out of hand. We ALL know people involved in the shooting. And none of us want to see a friend’s name getting dragged into the md, especially since so many horrific things are already under everyone’s belts.

And it’s true: Karl really, really disliked the Obama administration (or any other democrat, for that matter), a fact he has made abundantly clear on both Facebook and Twitter. He is also an avid supporter of gun rights, so I’m sure it tickled him pink to learn that he’s actually an actor, hired to participate in a phony school shooting, coordinated by President Obama himself to take everyone’s guns away from them. At least he seems to have a sense of humor about it:

8 Thoughts on “Was Chief Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver Directing Traffic In Front Of Sandy Hook School?

  1. Ohkay…. so there’s 1 case of mistaken identity (easy 2 understand from how SIMIALAR they both look)…. so then how do you go on to explain the tens of other “crisis actors” ?

    • Shill Murray on January 13, 2017 at 12:59 am said:

      It’s not a case of “mistaken identity”; it’s an out-and-out lie. Anyone could have done the research that I did here, but they chose not to, because the truth – the truth that they fraudulently claim to be after – is nothing more than a detriment to them. It doesn’t motivate people to donate money to their “legal funds” or buy their books. More importantly, it doesn’t get them that attention or respect they so desperately crave.

      Additionally, I have to say that it’s funny to me that you’re so eager to make excuses for the alleged mistakes of these self-professed “expert investigators”, yet most Sandy Hook conspiracy theories lean heavily on the mistakes made by media outlets during those first chaotic hours and days. But hoaxers have had four years now to get their stories straight and they’re still out there spreading horseshit.

      so then how do you go on to explain the tens of other “crisis actors” ?

      Quite easily: there were none. The idea itself is pure fantasy. Use your head.

  2. Melissa Jasper on June 17, 2017 at 12:52 pm said:

    That guy is not Carver, his nose is much bigger and rounder.

    • Shill Murray on June 17, 2017 at 4:44 pm said:

      I thought it was immediately obvious that they were not the same person, but you have to consider who we’re dealing with here. They’re mentally ill.

  3. NotToday333 on July 21, 2017 at 7:08 pm said:

    LMAO I hadn’t even heard this theory. Thanks for the laugh. I’ve seen “theories” that he’s a Wayne Griffin (ufo sighting), the guy who played Jess’s dad on New Girl, a Brooks Alexander, even John freakin Goodman.
    it’s as if some people are just like “Look! a chubby old dude with white facial hair! It must be Wayne Carver!” It’s like saying “wow, a middle aged brunette with short hair, It has to be Ellen!” “Look! an old dude smoking a cigarette. It’s William B. Davis playing his role as the Smoking Man!”

    I love debunking Carver claims to be honest. And it’s so easy to do. Just watch the pilot episode of Forensic Files. He helped to prosecute the first murder without a body case to be tried in America. I remember covering it in my forensics course back in college. Unless they are saying that a crisis actor has been used since the early 1980’s to be Carver, appeared in court, the news (paper and media), went to crime scenes, sat at a desk at the M.E’s office, etc which implies that they were planning this event since the 80’s, any claim about him is 100% debunked.

  4. Missy on May 17, 2019 at 11:34 am said:

    The kid who supposedly did the shooting had died a day or 2 prior to this hoax. Not to mention the fat that, the school had been shut down 4 years prior.. as it was dilapidated and in vast need of repair and update. Water lines on the walls because of having been flooded. No one was murdered and no blood was spilled. Some people will do anything for money. Even sell their souls. Happens all the time. And come on—- the Chief Medical Examiners name was Dr. H. Wayne “Carver” for goodness sake. Hiding in plain sight.. these criminals are toying with Americans. All for a gun-grabbing agenda. And US tax-dollars paid for it all. Also, this is only one of several ordeals (“shootings”) during the Obama years. Boston “bombing”—- same thing. Orlando— same thing. San Bernardino— same thing. And the list goes on and on. All of it has been proven to be nothing but, bs. If we choose to remain ignorant, that makes us stupid. *If this message does not pass ‘moderation’… believe me, I will understand. Can’t fix stupid.

    • Shill Murray on May 28, 2019 at 2:48 pm said:

      The kid who supposedly did the shooting had died a day or 2 prior to this hoax.

      He definitely didn’t. CW Wade covered this nonsense nearly five years ago. His death certificate says December 14th. The Social Security Death Index says December 14th. Etc.

      Not to mention the fat that, the school had been shut down 4 years prior.. as it was dilapidated and in vast need of repair and update.

      Of course this is also not at all true. It’s a shame you couldn’t be bothered to search the site before commenting, because I’ve actually written about this nonsense quite a bit. In fact, there’s a whole series of entries – fifteen of them thus far – full of evidence of the school being open. The claim that it closed in 2008 is based on technological ignorance and deliberate misinformation. They didn’t “turn off the Internet” or whatever and there was no “asbestos infestation”. Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you have been lied to.

      And come on—- the Chief Medical Examiners name was Dr. H. Wayne “Carver” for goodness sake.

      Now retired, Dr. H. Wayne Carver was a very real medical examiner and had worked for the state of Connecticut for over thirty years. That’s all easily verifiable information. So I don’t even know what the implication is here. Is it that he’s a fake? Is it that they staged a shooting in Connecticut specifically because their veteran chief medical examiner had a slightly ironic name? I don’t get it. Is this where Sandy Hook deniers are at this point in time?

      All for a gun-grabbing agenda.

      And it worked! There are no more guns!

      Here’s an actual fact for you:

      Sales of guns and ammunition skyrocket after every mass shooting. It’s been that way since at least Columbine, so this would certainly be well-known to anyone in government. So why stage a shooting in 2012 if A) it is well-known that gun and ammo sales are only going to surge in its wake and B) any sort of gun control legislation would never pass the Republican House majority anyway (surely they’re smart enough to know that if you want to pass any sort of legislation, you just need to pay off lawmakers like everyone else)? So if you “follow the money”, it’s clear that the only entity with any sort of real motive to stage a mass shooting would be the gun lobby.

      Also, this is only one of several ordeals (“shootings”) during the Obama years. Boston “bombing”—- same thing. Orlando— same thing. San Bernardino— same thing. And the list goes on and on.

      The Boston Marathon bombing was not a shooting, but yes, bad things that happened between January of 2009 and January of 2017 did in fact happen in the “Obama years” as he was President at the time. Absolutely brilliant sleuthing on your part. But Thousand Oaks (13 dead), Tree of Life (11 dead), Sante Fe High School (10 dead), Parkland (17 dead), Sutherland Springs (27 dead), Las Vegas (59 dead – the deadliest mass shooting in American history) all happened during the “Trump years” (edit: if I had only waited a few more days, I could’ve added Virginia Beach – 12 dead – to this list). In fact, if you look at shootings with ten or more victims, there were seven of them, totaling 147 victims, that happened during Obama’s eight years in office. That’s an average of under 18.5 victims per year. Meanwhile, we’re only about two and a half years into Trump’s presidency and there have already been six such shootings, for a total of 134 victims. That works out to 53.6 victims per year. So you’re partially right; the list does go on and on! Maybe that’s why Trump suggested taking guns away without due process.

      *If this message does not pass ‘moderation’… believe me, I will understand.

      Christ. Is this the new, stupid thing that I have to deal with now? People posting inane, often insulting gobbledygook that is in clear violation of the comment policy, and then challenging me to approve it as if I’m sort of coward if I don’t ignore my own rules and allow people to post whatever the fuck they want? Because you are at least the sixth or seventh person to pull this shit.

      Can’t fix stupid.

      At least we agree can agree on something. Maybe it’s all of that high-level radioactive nuclear waste they’re storing above ground over there in West Texas.

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