If we ignore our better judgment and continue to treat the wild-eyed conspiracy theorists, con-men, and criminals who make up the Sandy Hook denialist cult with a level of respect that they have neither earned nor deserve by limiting our look at the school itself to the years of 2008 through 2012 – years that these total whackadoos, without so much as a whiff of actual evidence, falsely contend that the school was closed – we find yet another point of interest in the numerous glass display cases found in the school’s lobby area; somewhere in between 3-6 of them at a time throughout the years. Most of these cases were tall, vertical cabinets, located just inside of the main entrance, usually along the large front window Adam Lanza used to gain entry into the school. There was also a museum-like table display, which was moved around from time to time, depending on what was being featured. Lastly, there was a large display built into the wall at the corner of the lobby, in between the office and the west hallway. What these items have in common – besides the obvious, of course – is that in photographs published in the Newtown Bee, the Newtown Patch, as well as on the school’s website (all of which are included below), we can see their contents change time and time again, providing even more evidence of normal student activity inside of the school. Unless, of course, you somehow still believe that mystery agents spent four years meticulously and realistically decorating and furnishing a building (with up-to-date magazines for parents, brand new children’s books, thousands and thousands of dollars worth of cutting-edge technology, and of course pizza) that, according to James Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, Maria Hsia Chang – the usual cast of clowns – was “infested with asbestos” and being used exclusively for storage. And all for the benefit of some photographs most people will never see.

August, 2010:

Source: http://photos.newtownbee.com/Journalism/Photos-from-the-issue-dated/i-mxTrp8F/A

In this photograph showing kindergartners visiting Sandy Hook a week before the official start of the school year, we can see that the three vertical cabinets as well as the table display are completely empty.

May, 2011:

Source: http://photos.newtownbee.com/Journalism/Photos-from-the-issue-33/i-n38bDTL/A

Just behind this board welcoming author Barbara McClintock to the school, what looks like children’s watercolor paintings (sorry, I’m not much of an artist!) line the display built into the lobby wall. As we’ll see, these displays often featured artwork created by the school’s students.

November, 2011:

Originally published in the Newtown Patch, this photograph shows four vertical displays, filled with what appears to be a mix of clay figurines and/or pottery. Additional pieces can be seen sitting on top of the table display.

Source: http://photos.newtownbee.com/Journalism/Photos-from-the-issue-55/i-CVhbqT2/A

Taken at Sandy Hook’s 2011 Veterans Day breakfast, this photograph shows victim Jesse Lewis and his grandfather standing in front of the lobby’s built-in display, which features games, books, and other items available in the school’s holiday shop. One of the items shown is the Highlights “Puzzles & Games” 2012 wall calendar, which certainly would not be available in 2008:

December, 2011:

Source: http://photos.newtownbee.com/Journalism/Photos-from-the-issue-60/i-7F79bTF/A

Here we can see the changes that have taken place over the course of just one month. Whereas the inside of this table display was empty in November, it is now filled with art projects while a painting of a rocket ship – displaying the results of a fundraising drive – sits on top.

Source: http://photos.newtownbee.com/Journalism/Photos-from-the-issue-60/i-LWdwMXL/A

And now a view of the built-in display, taken on the same day – December 17th, 2011 – as the previous photo. While it’s a difficult to make out, I believe the white sign in the middle reads “Getting In Shape”; a play on the art’s geometric nature.

January, 2012:

This sign, which was previously used to welcome Barbara McClintock to the school, now wishes students a happy Chinese New Year (specifically the Year of the Dragon, which was last celebrated in 2012). In the built-in display behind it is a collection of student-made paper cranes. More of this display can be seen in the following photo, which was also taken in January of 2012:

Of note: three of the children in the above photo (the girl in the top left, the boy in the bottom left, and the boy in the top right) performed as part of the Super Bowl XLVII choir and are alleged to be three of the shooting’s victims. This is, of course, totally preposterous. For more on this nonsense claim, see this entry.

February, 2012:

Source: http://photos.newtownbee.com/Journalism/Photos-from-the-issue-67/i-XrKsm3p/A

In this photo, which shows Sandy Hook students boxing Valentine’s Day cards and gifts they’ve collected for troops stationed overseas, we see that while the contents of the table display appear unchanged since December, the vertical displays just inside of the front entrance no longer contain clay figurines, and now feature pieces that look almost like modern art.

November, 2012:

Originally posted to Dawn Hochsprung’s Twitter feed on November 14th, 2012, this photo shows victim Victoria Soto (middle) and other members of Sandy Hook staff raising money for Adopt-A-Family. Seen behind them are two vertical display cases, now filled with children’s books.

From the Sheets From Home Facebook page, this image shows that the table display has been moved to under the built-in, and both now feature a “Celebration of World Arts”. These items remained into December and can be seen in the crime scene photos. Note the sign advertising the bake sale seen in the previous photo behind the girl on our left.

December, 2012:

In these crime scene photos, the contents of the display cases remain unchanged, only now the “Sheets From Home” sign seen on the welcome board is nowhere to be found (which would make sense as the drive ended on November 16th, or nearly a month before this photo was taken).

These vertical displays also remain unchanged, exhibiting a collection of children’s books. The only real difference is the “Bags, Bears, Books, and Basics” collection materials, which are not in Dawn Hochsprung’s Twitter photo from November.

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10 Thoughts on “Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open, Part Twelve: The Glass Display Cases

  1. Wonderful article, indisputable facts accompanied by images that only disreputable, dishonest people could possibly argue against. Your research is amazing and very much appreciated.

  2. Richard Williams on December 17, 2016 at 6:38 pm said:

    I don’t think you’re giving the whole wolfpack enough credit. Give them enough time or “funding” and they will be able to prove that all of these pictures were from a third dimension and beamed straight out of FEMA’S ass.
    On a serious note, these pictures gave me pause, made me feel pretty sad. You can sense the reality, the innocence behind the children, the “adopt a family” bakesale, etc. They didn’t know that in short order their worlds were going to turn to shit. So sad. Thanks for the post.

    • Shill Murray on December 18, 2016 at 1:50 am said:

      The photos that did that for me are the ones taken at the 2011 Sock Hop, which were published in the school’s online photo album. There’s one picture in particular, of Dawn Hochsprung dancing with a student, that is particularly devastating.

  3. Hey Shill Murray, do you mind if I reference some of your posts in a video I am making. Particularly your “Sandy Hook was open” series? I will credit you for all of your research that I will cite.

    Either way, it’s cool. Keep up the good work, this blog as EXCELLENT, rational, intelligent.

  4. We're lied2 on June 21, 2017 at 4:45 pm said:

    I understand it’s hard to think that people are capable of deceiving a nation. I find it curious there were no Christmas decorations anywhere….so close to Christmas and after thanksgiving, nothing….and what parent would let their child go to a school with slime and mold and mildew on the walls? With the door locks DRILLED OUT??? There are to many instances of fuckery for it to be just as it was reported. The freaking 911 tapes an operator is heard saying, I thought it was a drill, and her supervisor gets attitude with her and tells her to get off the line. Why portajohns were there before the ambulance? The same type of vehicle in 3 colors all calmly parked the same way….too much fuckery. I looked at the google way back machine my self. There is a void in the internet activity for Sandy Hook from the hurricane till the August before the shooting. In May the same year, a principle in “Indiana” (my have been another I state) a principal ruined a drill by letting the parents know it was happening, so it was scrapped and moved to Connecticut.

    • Shill Murray on June 22, 2017 at 6:48 pm said:

      I understand it’s hard to think that people are capable of deceiving a nation.

      Literally no one believes that we are not continually being deceived as a nation. I know that I have never claimed that we aren’t. We’re being deceived right now in regards to Russian meddling in our elections, the future of our healthcare, etc. This is a strawman argument, and a piss poor one at that.

      I find it curious there were no Christmas decorations anywhere….so close to Christmas and after thanksgiving, nothing

      I know that people like you – the mentally ill – generally have poor impulse control, and you’re just chomping at the bit to spam me with the same nonsense zombie myths that I’ve been hearing for the past 4+ years, but I wish that you goofs would at least read the site before furiously pounding away at your keyboard as many of these dopey concerns have already been addressed. And this is a perfect example as I wrote a whole entry on this dumb claim. Did you even bother to look?

      what parent would let their child go to a school with slime and mold and mildew on the walls?

      Baloney. There is no “slime and mold and mildew” on the walls, with the possible exception of the very rear, exterior wall of the building, which appears to have a small amount of mildew on it. That area is obviously inaccessible to children, so who cares? Give me a break. I can guarantee you that if I drive to every area school and look for the darkest corner of the building’s exterior, there will be mildew, especially in the winter.

      With the door locks DRILLED OUT???

      The Gunsalaus photos, taken two days after the shooting, show that the exterior locks of six bathroom doors (in rooms 3, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12) appear to have been “drilled out” at some point, though not entirely. However, every other lock seen in the Gunsalaus photos is still intact, contrary to your suggestion. Looking at the scene report (00118939.pdf), the bathroom locks in rooms 10 and 12 are described thusly: “The bathroom had a door knob with a pushbutton locking device on the inside knob. The exterior knob had a key lock that could be used to unlock the door.” Since the Gunsalaus photos were taken three days after the shooting, so there’s no telling when they were actually drilled. And since Matthew Bell talks about needing to retrieve the key to open the door to the bathroom in room #12 in his report, then all signs point to the lock not having been drilled out at that time.

      The freaking 911 tapes an operator is heard saying, I thought it was a drill, and her supervisor gets attitude with her and tells her to get off the line.

      Total, laughable bunk. This is pareidolia at its absolute worst. Listening to it with quality headphones, she’s very clearing saying “Are you in a room? Are you safe?” Listen to the cadence of the sentence; where the tones rise. Even if you’re dumb enough to believe she’s saying “I hear/heard a rumor it’s fake”, who speaks like that? Why would anyone put the emphasis on “rumor” and “fake” and end the sentence in such a way that she’s clearly asking a question? Ridiculous. Furthermore, why would they leave that bit in the released 911 calls? Didn’t Wolfgang claim they’re following a script? If so, you’d have to believe that this dispatcher deviated from the script and then they neglected to not only remove that line from the calls after they were released, but have allowed them to remain on US Today’s website in that way. The whole thing is just ludicrous.

      Why portajohns were there before the ambulance?

      They weren’t. This is a lie. You’re lying.

      The same type of vehicle in 3 colors all calmly parked the same way

      What are you even carrying on about? First of all, almost every car is parked facing the same direction because it’s a one way parking lot. People obviously pull into the lot and then pull through so that it’s much easier and quicker to exit the lot at the end of the day. The people that come in later park behind them. I wrote about it here. As far being parked “calmly”, what is the alternative? How else do people park in parking lots? What cars are you even talking about? Are you suggesting that if three people in a lot of 40+ have the same model car, then something is definitely suspicious? What planet are you from?

      I looked at the google way back machine my self. There is a void in the internet activity for Sandy Hook from the hurricane till the August before the shooting.

      Stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. Like I mentioned earlier, read the site before you start flapping your gums. This has all been covered.

      In May the same year, a principle in “Indiana” (my have been another I state) a principal ruined a drill by letting the parents know it was happening, so it was scrapped and moved to Connecticut.

      What are you talking about? Why can’t you even get your own made-up bullshit straight? So they started preparations for an elaborate drill back in 2008 in Connecticut for a drill that would take place in Indiana (or another state)? Do you dinks think about this shit before you blurt it out?

  5. We're lied2 on June 21, 2017 at 4:57 pm said:

    In the last photo you have, it displays the window that “was shot thru by Lanza”. I want to know where to get that magazine stand!!! It’s shotgun proof!! It stood in front of the window that was blown apart, and not a scratch on it! Sure Adam moved it to the side nicely to go thru. I’m sure it was knocked over by the shotgun blast and he got it out of the floor, moved it to the side, and set it back up….or it was moved to the side before they cracked the window to stage it….I want to buy one! It’s bulletproof, we could use it for body armor for our military

    • Shill Murray on June 22, 2017 at 6:49 pm said:

      Obviously it’s not bulletproof because there’s a hole in it (that then continued on through one of the magazines). You fucking idiot.

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